How to Purchase Your Raffle Tickets

Sheila  ·  May 18, 2011

You can purchase raffle tickets 4 ways. I am going to list in the order that is the easiest.

1. Mail a cheque made out to SAINTS to 15570 - 58A Avenue, Surrey BC V3S 4N8. Email me at

2. There are tickets at the SAINTS location and you can pick up there. There are tickets in Surrey you can pick up there. This is the hardest because it requires travel.

3. If you have a friend that volunteers/or works at SAINTS arrange to purchase the ticket through them. It will be one less way you might not have to leave your house.

Please everyone who has purchased a ticket through Paypal be assured that you will get your tickets. The worst case scenario is that PayPal will ask us to refund and they have not asked us to do this. If this happens I will be driving around a lot of placed in the lower mainland picking up money since this gaff/error/stupid mistake is entirely my fault. For the person who purchased a ticket outside the lower mainland and I have to refund your money I will reimburse SAINTS and your tickets will be a gift from me.

As I told Carol I read all the rules once and some of them twice. The part about internet payment I only read once. What I remembered reading was tickets can not be sold or purchased on the internet and in my befuddled mind I remembered reading that and thinking you are not allowed to issue a ticket (as in the ticket number) over the internet. I will be phoning bc gaming license tomorrow morning to tell them of my error (or possibly criminal activity) and ask them how to procede. Again though everyone will receive a ticket.



Yes, don't worry about it. It will all work out in the end. I will surely enjoy my stay in Hawaii! LOL


it is ok err is human..i err so much all the time, it is nice to have company once in awhile!