Possible Mail Strike Wednesday and Raffle Ticket

Sheila  ·  May 20, 2011

This simple raffle is forever becoming complicated. For those who haven't mailed their cheque yet... I would suggest not to hurry but wait until after Wednesday (there is a month to go before the draw)
to see if the strike is on.

If there is a strike - it is better that your check is not stuck in limbo and you are holding on to it. I think that there is a possibility of doing email transfer payments now and I will look into it.

I have not mailed any of the tickets to people who emailed me yesterday or today. If there is a strike I will also have to look at another way of sending out your portion of the ticket. I am sure there will be options out there. For those of you who paid by paypal - your tickets have unfortunately gone out. But I have a record of your ticket numbers. If you would like to get your portion of the ticket ASAP and a strike interrupts the mail already gone out - I will call BC Gaming License and ask about what do about this dilemma because I don't think I can reprint the tickets that are sitting in limbo because of a strike. Perhaps I can just email you all your ticket numbers with all the info on the ticket and that will be a receipt.

I will though ensure that if there is a strike that as little work will be on your side and most on my side.


Jean Sanford

I have been trying to obtain some raffle tickets but the email addressed to comes back "undeliverable". What email address should I be using to request tickets.

Thank you

Jean Sanford
PO Box 455 Kaleden BC


i will try to keep everyone informed as to the strike. i am a retired postie but will be informed as to what is going on as what the corporation is trying to take away affects me too. lets hope it gets resolved but it does not look good. too much at stake for us to just roll over and lie down.