Rescue Journal

saturday at saints.

Carol  ·  May 21, 2011

pixie is not eating..nor is she happy when i come into the room. tomorrow i will have to start force feeding her. her lab work is back..mild to moderate kidney disease and a probable bladder or kidney infection. i think it is the antibiotics that have thrown her off..either that or she is pissed cuz i disrupted her world and sent her down to the clinic.

cherry on the other had is MUCH, MUCH better. she is eating well again...scarfed down her toast today and tried to bite angelina a few times with her antibiotics. her lab work showed moderate to severe kidney disease and also a probable bladder or kidney infection.

ahh these ancient frail and tiny little dogs are such a huge worry and responsibility. big dogs are way hardier than butterfly dogs...honestly...i just don't get why people want the teenie's so much...bigger dogs are way easier to care for.

angelina helped me get thru the advantaging is one of my least favorite jobs...between all the cats, rabbits and is a lot of advantage to apply in one day. i figured out we will go thru 54 large 100 size boxes of advantage this flea over 100 bucks a box..that is a ton of money to keep those nasty fleas away.

tyke went out on trial today...really nice family and a very sweet dog to be his good friend. it is a 2 week trial..we will see how it goes and if all goes well, in 2 weeks we will finalize the adoption.

miz mini-me is continuing to be the number one's dog levi is also now entranced by her mysterious and alluring ways. sigh...2 more weeks..just 2 more weeks and then we can make miss mini put that hot hussy forever away.

fergus has fit in like a well worn shirt...he really is a great little guy.

barn time was very quiet..everyone was cooperative and on their best behavior. when all goes well, it is such a peaceful end of the day task to do...and mostly they are all pretty good so it usually is a good way to end the day.

please keep good thoughts going for turtle gardens and if you are able to make a donation, remember every little bit helps.



Carol did you get the boxes of Revolution I sent a few weeks ago? I will have a few boxes of Advantage Multi in a few weeks. I'll just have to see what the Postal strike does.


Yeah all the barn animals behaved themselves :) I was able to get it all done sooner then I thought.Pops was even trying to guard the hay from Dixie. I've forgotten the name of the potbelly pig though :(