Rescue Journal

updates on pixie and stripe.

Carol  ·  May 22, 2011

pix is staying in hospital hooked up to iv's for fluids, antibiotics and anti-nausea meds.

stripe is home again but she is doing quite poorly. i have had to put her in the bathroom which is a room she doesn't know and she remains totally blind so she is freaking out. the clinic did some xrays to make sure she didn't hurt herself with the fall...she has quite bad arthritis in her lower spine, hips and knees but nothing is broken. they drew some blood and sent her home with some pain meds...and we wait and see how she does. but her being so upset is upsetting me..she either had a stroke or a seizure but whatever it was it has messed her up pretty good and now she is afraid. i may have to stick her in a cage if she doesn't calm down.

we were really short of house folks today. poor lynne was in here on her own. i got back with stripe around noon and at least was able to do up the back cat areas for her.

anyway..thx so much lynne for struggling thru. i just have meds and barn bedtime and laundry to do.

i knew today was totally going to suck big time...sometimes i hate being right.



Lynn ))BIG HUGS(( to you. I felt so bad seeing you struggling thru the house all by yourself...but still with a smile. I am sick with a cold that moved into my lungs and with asthma that is no good. Anything physical was impossible! I only came in case a tour should up..dam one did.. I usually really enjoy my tours but today felt bad for the lady cause she got the half-assed version..I apoligized and hopefully she will come back another day. Love to our Pixie & Stripe


I knew a 21 year old cat that got her sight back after a couple of weeks. It was a miracle. Her retina re-attached. She had been thrown off the seat of the car in her cat carrier (when on the way to the vet) during a car accident. The blidness did not occur right away though after the accident, it was about three days later. Could she have fallen off the fridge before and banged herself to cause the blindness or have high blood pressure? I think Priscilla had some prednisone eye drops to reduce any swelling within the eye area. Anyway she got full sight back. It was unbelievable.