Rescue Journal

we lost little pixie-pop today.

Carol  ·  May 24, 2011

her blood work today was even worse then yesterday. she started vomitting again so i okayed an xray and ultrasound and they found a tumour in her bladder and her kidneys had atrophied down so small they were virtually useless anymore...there was nothing any one could do to make her feel well again.

i went in at the end of the day and held her as she peacefully passed away.

that little tiny butterfly dog has fluttered her fragile wings against my heart until it opened wide up and took her in. i am so going to miss her.

rest in peace little pixie.




So sorry to hear about Pixie. Fortunately she lived her last days with wonderful, caring people.


we occasionally go thru these difficult periods when we lose many.. one after another...i think the worst one was a couple of years ago when we lost 18 in 6 weeks or so. that was brutal.

the problem of course is that really..i think about 75% of our population at any given time are 15-20 yr old cats and dogs...our horses (except dixie) have all been upwards in their 30's...and sometimes they just start crapping out on us at the very same time because so many are so anciently old.

what pisses me off is it is 18 yr old mandy and 20yr old molly and james bond who are not doing all that great recently...and i am expecting to crap out here next.
and while i am watching those ones carefully..someone i least expect who was doing pretty well jumps my close to the end watching line, slips in and checks out really quick...and i am not prepared for them yet!

then i feel badly cuz pixie spent her last three days hooked up to iv's in the clinic..if she had just done the slow down ward slide, i could have seen what was coming. but the boom! really good on wednsday...sick as a dog on thursday and i am scrambling to find out and fix what i hope is just temporary.

and here is the crux of this matter of life and death with these real oldies...they have lived to be ancients BECAUSE they are strong...these animals aren't wienies who hit their beds cuz they just don't feel really good..they hit their beds cuz they finally have pushed their living onwards forever as far as they possibly could.

i should have known pixie would do it this way...ancient, mostly blind, tiny and frail and running down the squamous highway....definitely not a weak willed little girl.


Carol, I'm so sorry. Seems like every time you (we) lose a Saint it just tears my heart out... that has been happening a lot lately. ;(

Rest well little angel

Carol Ann

aww little Pixie first tiny dog I ever knew and I loved her. Rest in peace little lady.


Yes, little Pixie had found her home with was so cute to watch her come alive with the high-pitched Pixie Pop call. Pixie may you have never ending Pirate Peanut Butter Cookies.


I am so sorry Carol. This has really been a tough month or two. I haven't been going long, but feel for each of these sweet souls that have gone.


goodbye little pixie you will be missed. hope that is all for awhile. the heart can only take so much.