Rescue Journal

i really hate relentless and stupidly for no real reason barkers..they put me in a really foul mood.

Carol  ·  May 25, 2011

i might just kill jesse and griffin...jesse cuz he is barking non stop in the dog room at mystic and sherlock who he can see playing out in the yard (sherlock is just back til the weekend cuz i need to do his final spinal xray to make sure he is fully healed before i feel comfortable finalizing the adoption.) and griffin is barking non stop at jesse cuz griffin hates jesse and jesse is calling the blind griffin's attention to him by his continued and relentless barking at the windows.

both of you shut the hell up now! god! sometimes i hate the voices of those two freaking dogs!
jesse is the relentless, with a 2 second pause: bark...bark...bark...bark. he paces himself so he can bark for that much longer.
and griffin i swear could shatter glass with his high pitched pissed off and also relentless but quick paced barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark. he can't bark for as long as jesse can without a rest break but while he is barking, it hurts my ears and head.

neither one of those dogs are overly bright but they sure like the sound of their own voices an awful lot.

jelly is the third chronic barker who i want to kill fairly frequently. but jelly isn't quite stupid...she only barks if i am not in her sight..once i head in her direction, she gets quiet pretty quick. jelly doesn't actually want to be a bad dog and she remembers this when she see how pissed i am getting.
griffin and jesse don't give a shit if they are bad or not... barking their fool heads off is far more important to them.

there are days i fantasize about shock collars..the problem is i can't ever use them..i know damn well when they are pissing me off, i would keep my freaking thumb on the button over long just to get even with them.

i am not always nice..i have bad thoughts occasionally too...i just know better then to ever let a shock collar in here cuz abusing one occasionally (like tonight!) might feel pretty damn good.

sigh...i LOVE mandy...she never, ever barks....i LOVE angus too he hardly barks at all.....dusty rarely barks for no reason, and neither does al..lil big bud only barks when he wants on or off the bed so i like him a lot as well...cherry doesn't bark so she is one of my favorites and bambi one is pretty good too....merry has her moments of not being too annoying a fair amount too.

one day i will be totally deaf from living with so many noisy dogs..i can't say i am too worried about a deaf world the barkers won't be pissing me off.



i fixed my computer!!!! yay! took me way too long. missed most of my course. stupid malware.


he is doing great! his new mom apparently adores him and he is being a really good boy!