Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 28, 2011

tigger woods has stopped eating and drinking milk..he is still drinking water but that is not good enough. tigger is 20 yrs old so i think this is the beginning of the end for him. i just need to decide if i should take him in for bloodwork today...and maybe get him some fluids and risk trying to bring him thru the weekend until the bloodwork is case it is something fixable..which i doubt...or do i assume this is really the end of it all for him (which it probably is) and just put him down?

the first thing is to call the vets and see who can see us today and then i guess, let them help me decide.

phoebe is needy this morning...a needy phoebe is a pain in the neck....literally. she is behind me in my computer chair and i am having to keep my neck twisted and stretched to avoid her needy licking of my face. sigh....she is determined to get me and i am determined that she won't.

tucker has a new friend named tom who has been spending some quality time with him. he has been going swimming out to K9H20 with kendall for the past couple of weeks and apparently is doing really well.

the cherry pit has gotten difficult to feed again..she is back to just eating toast. maybe the vets will have room for her too today cuz last week the fluids she got really seemed to perk her up...but i think cherry's kidneys also are ready to fully crap out soon too.
oh these ancient little animals are so hard to keep feeling well sometimes.

sherlock had his last xray...all is finally healed. he has some calcium build ups on that vertabrae and will probably develop some arthritis in that area as he ages.

new incoming today..she should already be in transport. her name is sweetie pie and she is coming over from the island via several other rescues. sweetie apparently is a poorly socialized puppy mill survivor..bev from second chance rescue says she is one of the shyest dogs she has ever met. bev has been in the hospital for weeks now and sweetie needs a safe place to permanently land. jackie, the jack of all trades in rescue, has been arranging her transport...bev from rotti rescue had offerred to pick her up from the airport and bring her out yesterday but that was too short notice to get her flights arranged. so today mia from minpin rescue is kindly picking her up from the airport and driving her out. i would think she is going to arrive here around 11 am or so.

and i want to say something about this because this is a reality in rescue and a good lesson for upcoming newbies.. bev, bev, jackie, mia and i have all had various conflicts and issues over all of our combined years in rescue...if you are in rescue long are going to eventually piss each other is a given in rescue.

but...occasionally pissing off each other or not is not something to get in our way when an animal needs help that we are able to provide. the folks who are in this for the long term have learned how to leave the bumps and pot holes in the road in the past where they belong and move onto a brand new helping an animal in need today.

it is why we are all here in the first place.

as rescuers, we make choices about where we want to be...we can stay mired in bad moods with bridges burnt down or we can shrug our shoulders, let stuff go and move on and get our work done...and sometimes we can do this because we are big enough, and strong enough to accept that rescue relationships are sometimes rocky but we refuse to let that get in our way.

sweetie is coming to saints because the people involved in getting her here are all working together for her today.

and this is rescue at its very finest...and this is rescue at it's very core.
we are here for the animals....always.

sweetie says....yay for rescuers today!!!


Carol Ann

oh sweetie pie is adorable. I wonder if my gang would like her. lol


welcome sweetie and so sorry volunteers but i am still minding my grandchildren. carol if you read this soon can you tell them i will not be up today will for sure tomorrow tho. sorry guys.