Rescue Journal

waaayyy too much loving going on in the house tonight.

Carol  ·  May 28, 2011

sidney is exhausted from trying to be special friends with sweetie...sherlock is just a total idiot around her and even old shane has a sparkle in his eye for her.
but the one who is really suffering with cupid's arrow tonight is the mongolian monster...for some reason monty (cat) likes his adoring attention so they are sitting on the floor at my feet, side by side...chance is gazing at him in true love struck fashion...whining non stop and periodically licking monty.

there are a bunch of sick old puppies at saints tonight.

speaking of sick...tigger woods finally did eat so i cancelled his vet appointment. cherry is happily drinking milk right now so i will wait to see how she is tomorrow. maestro had a nasty skin reaction to the advantaging last week. he has a wicked and ugly sore on the back of his neck so no more advantage for him ever again.

and the two big not feeling wells tonight are...
minnie pearle again....she had another horrible spasm just before i went out to put the barn guys to was so bad..she puked and peed. i would like to point out that she did it to herself this time around because she decided to jump bitchy noelle who was grumbling at her. ooops that freaking hurt didn't it minnie pearle???
our sweet little and not very bright fergie is not so great tonight...he has had 3 bouts of really nasty diarrhea today....all over everyone's beds! yesterday was his potassium bromide day (for his seizures..he gets it on m/w/f with his phenobarb twice every day as well.) i wonder if that stuff is too hard on his gut??
we will see if this passes on its own after today.

the horses were all in a foul mood at bedtime...dixie came in and kicked her stall wall...gideon was picking on ellie mae and czar was being mean to pops thru his window....i gave them all shit and told them to knock it off. being mean to each other is not allowed at saints. not sure what is up with them cuz those guys just don't very often wallow in bad moods.

we should send some of the house lovin' out to the barn!

and just a heads up..i am starting to get worried about mystic...i am taking her in to repeat her bloodwork on monday. i am hoping i am just paranoid.



Fergus off and on got diarrhea while boarding, seemed to respond well to a round of Metronidazole


I noticed today along with the other lady(sorry I don't know her name)that Czar is a bit sore.He has what looks to be about 4-5 vertabre(?)sticking out his back.He looked a bit stiff in his hind legs too.