Rescue Journal

there are dogs living here that sometimes...

Carol  ·  May 29, 2011

i hate.

these are the ones that are mostly fine but occasionally are total hags.

phoebe, bambi2, noelle, jelly...even al the other night.....the ones who think they are queen or king shit and every once in a while, will go after the weak for no real reason except at that particular moment, they think they have the right.

they seem to forget, there is only one queen shit around here..and every single cat and dog...every single rabbit and pig...every single chicken and sheep...100% belong to me and they better not harm a single one...cuz then they will be dealing with me.

95% of the time we all get along really well. all of us have to be patient and tolerant here...this would be our necessary collective and cooperative pack and herd mentality. this many various species of animals living communally...and in these numbers and in this space and with my unbreakable rules of constant peaceful not natural and it is not always easy....BUT survival has never been easy for it's very nature survival is usually difficult.

there is no doubt that part of the reason we can co-exist together day in and day out without grievous injury to someone is because i can and will be without question...the biggest hag of them all....and all of them know it.

but those troublesome four or five..sometimes forget...strong as they are....they are not the real royal shit around here...that dirty crown belongs solely to me.

for those who want to do rescue and dream of a place like saints with halo's for humans and white shiny wings......the dream better include accepting the hag of all time role occasionally too cuz there is no other way to keep the mini-wanna-be hags from taking over the show

these animals are not stupid...while they like and want the kind softness of is the sometimes unbending steel and the strength that keeps them safe.

that is the hardest part of being here....the constant watching of each and every one...the inclination and the desire to be a benevolent leader but still accepting the responsibilty to step up and take them down a notch when they need to knock it off NOW.

sigh...the other night it was al who found himself in great trouble with me...he made the real mistake of getting annoyed and going after fergie who was just playing with his ball innocently. this morning it was bambi2 who got nailed to the floor...she dared to try to take violent offence with mandy who was just walking too close to her couch.

i hate them when they make me step up and put the fear of god into them...but tyra taught me well so many years not ever, whether she could see you or not... touch her soccor was and always will be completely off-limits...and no one ever touched it..they knew it was hers....her communication was crystal clear.

they can eat my walls, they can chew on my shoes, they can pee on my bed (but i would prefer that they don't)..they can do whatever they want to do....but do not ever touch one of the other animals, ESPECIALLY the weak and frail...they are MY soccor balls and i will freaking make you regret that you forgot that one never to be forgotten rule today as i nail you to the floor.

i hate them when they awaken the sleeping hag in me.

it is a good thing i forgive and forget fairly easily....but right now bambi2 is being very quiet and uneasily watching me cuz she knows the real queen hag is fully awake and on guard....and watching her every bitchy thought.



Thanks for postin this. I can SO relate to this post! My mom is the total and complete real queen hag of our house. Princess Mollydawg is the one who brings out the hag in her and WOW look out when she does! My mom can growl louder and meaner than any ole junk yard dog I've ever known. When my mom catches P. Molly snapin at one of our furries for walkin too close to her mat, or tryin to counter surf, ALL HELL BREAKS loose around here. I've never known anyone who can cause so much fear with no physical contact. I'm glad to know she's not gone mad and that it happens to others as well ;-) wheeee-ew!!