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sooooo....some yay'ing going on around here today....

Carol  ·  May 30, 2011

the really great news is....

mystic's kidney values on her bloodwork are better than they were last time around (a month ago)...yay! so we will keep up with the high fish protein diet because it appears to be working for her well...YAYAYAYAY!
now i can take a deep breath and not worry that each little puppy puke or each time she does her sudden puppy deep sleep crashes... do not necessarily spell her demise is right around the corner. maybe right now she is still a normal and healthy puppy who occasionally spits up (cuz she sometimes eats weird shit) and who crashes cuz she burns herself out with her busy play every day.

I'm the Queen of the world!

it is so easy to be paranoid about her. i really need to get a grip and relax a little bit now.

the septic stuff is all took all freaking day and it cost almost $2000.00 ouch! but at least it is done and our septic system will not inconveniently blow up or back up...gross!!! we are good for about another 3 all in all i guess this too is a yay.

my knee is toast again..i should have stayed off it today so this is most definitely NOT a yay.

pops had the vet out the end we think he is allergic to the hog fuel which totally sucks big time right now. we will have to switch to shavings for him which are going to have to be fully raked up every day or it will make a muddy mess.....this is also not a yay.

wah wah hog fuel

i had to send the barn guys down to the lower pasture for a couple of hours today while the septic guys were here. the cows were far too interested in the big truck parked by the gate and no one could get in and out or back and forth cuz the giant snoopy steer and crew were there.

if you want a sight that will bring tears of joy to your eyes it is watching the running, bucking, joyful stampede of sheep, cows, horses, donkeys and llamas as they head for the grass on the other side of the fence which truly is longer, sweeter and far, far greener....the barns guys collectively say a VERY LOUD AND HAPPY YAY!!!!!

Good cuz I was starting to look at eating the donkey next! Nah just kidding that was a kiss I heart the Zigster.

oh and...jenn posted some new great photo's on our facebook page....geez jenn you are getting pretty freaking good at this photography thing so a BIG YAY from your mom on this too!






I ditto the "Yay" for Tucker. That's such wonderful news - He so deserves a special family.

Carol Ann

so so happy for beautiful Tucker. This news made my day today as well as Mystic's good news. :)


hi carly...mystic is a samoyed...but your are right, the 2 breeds do look a like.

i hope you enjoy the book mauro..sorry it took so long to find you!


Yay, Tucker. Thank you Tom and Linda. Tucker will be ecstatic to get out of the MP room.


Oh ya and.... would anyone like to switch Saturday for my Sunday shift this weekend?


Yay!!!! Milton and Tucker in the same week... I'm ecstatic!! Both had extra special places in my heart I'm sososososoooo happy for them

Mauro Salles

*** Out of topic ***
I just received Unbreakable Souls. It was lost between somewhere and nowhere. Thanks!!! :) :) :)


Awesome news for our Mystic girl!!! The Tucker news brings tears of JOY to my eyes.....he is such a great boy who has a special place in my thrilled he hooked Tom and Lindas heart too :)


Is Mystic an American Eskimo dog or a Samoyed? To me they both look the same.Although I knew a Samoyed who was pretty large.


that is such good news all around and especially for Tucker he is such a special boy who deserves a special home and a home that does doggie H2O with him is most definately a wonderful and loving home! Thank you tom.


oh my god i talked to tom today about tucker and he so wanted him, glad his wife does too what a lucky dog tucker is. tom seems so nice and just loves tucker to bits. yah tucker. also spent some time with jack when i was out there this morning, such a lovely boy he is very sweet.


Yay for Tucker!!! I'm so happy for him... please give Tucker a big hug and extra cookies for me! I won't get to see him before he leaves :( I'm glad Mystic's results are good, I was sitting here in Nova Scotia worrying and waiting for you to blog her results!!! I miss all those critters!!!

Ann C

Thats fantastic news for Tucker, I am so happy for him and his new family. Have a long and happy life Tucker you are a very sweet dog.


nope..the ultrasounds showed they were both malformed and too small . but kidneys are amazing organs...they can do their job and clear out the toxins from the body while still only functioning at a 25% capacity. it is only when they drop to below 25% that the blood values start reflecting the failure of them to do the job any more.

Mauro Salles

A hard question about Mystic => Is there any chance her kidney still OK ("normal")?