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Happy Tails: Sugar & Spot and the ones we adopt

Jenn  ·  May 31, 2011

May was a great month for saints adoptions! Thanks to our new adoption coordinator Dawn yay. 7 saints (5 dogs and 2 cats) were adopted by great homes in the month of May: Tucker, Milton, Tyke, Jake, Sherlock, and Suzie and Chica.

We are thrilled they have found their final forever homes and here is a happy tail update from 2 great dogs who are both blind, former saints, and have found wonderful, loving homes that adore and spoil them: Spot and Sugar.


Sugar (AKA Wilma) has been doing great, she fits in perfectly and completes our family. She's very happy spending her days cuddling with her sister Missy, waiting for delicious wet food time, lounging on the couch that she's declared her own, sunbathing, getting belly rubs and barking for no apparent reason (like a true SAINTS dog!) She really is the sweetest, most gentle dog ever. She never stops smiling, even when my 3 crazy cats decide to play a game taking turns jumping on her! I don't know what we did without her and I'm so grateful she found her way to us



Smiles & Belly rubs



Hi Carol,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time to tell you how Spot is doing. I’m happy to say it is all good news!

As you know, Spot is a very sweet boy! While our other JRTs are still weary of him leaping directly on top of them, there are also a lot of peaceful and playful moments between them.

Spot’s very well socialized with other animals, setting a good example for his two sisters. While other animals are no problem, he has developed a habit of barking at people who come into our house which makes for noisy social occasions.

Spot has rebuilt his network of trust. When he first came to us he was leery of vets which was a change from what you experienced. We think he came away from a painful disease and surgery wondering who he could trust. Now, he’s comfortable with people who have to poke and prod once in a while; once again he assumes no harm will come to him.

Spot’s health is great. He loves walking on leash. One would think indoors would feel like a safer place to a little blind dog but he seems to know we won’t let him bump into anything and that affords him a certain freedom on his walks. The last couple of nights (after lots of walks and play time on the lawn) Spot had some very active dreams! I like to think he’s dreaming about being out in a field, chasing other dogs around, having fun, without a care in the world.

Spot has turned out to be quite a comedian – he is forever putting himself in a funny place or silly position which makes us laugh. When I tell people about Spot sitting with his nose two inches from a wall waiting for a treat, many people feel sorry for him. We don’t feel sorry for him because he doesn’t feel sorry for himself. He’s a happy little Jack and he’s undoubtedly figured out that those silly things bring a lot of joy and laughter to our home, not to mention kind words and gentle pets (and treats) to Spot.

Spot is a real people dog. Wherever we are, he finds us and plunks himself down just to be near. We joke that it’s too bad Spot couldn’t be even more help with the cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Spot’s won our hearts and we thank you once again for bringing Spot into our lives!

Lynne & Scott

P.S. We are still trying to figure out what’s breeds are in this guy as there is something else in there. We found a picture of a Jack Russell, Aussie that looks a lot like Spot. Whatever he is, we love him!


helping clean and cook

Hanging with good friends


seniors make great pets and have a lot of life and love left in them. ADPOPT a senior and help them have a happy ending to their life.




Those pictures touched me to the core.
Having just lost another senior ' ex-backyard breeder, chained, scarred' That only shared our life for 2 years. Came in for rehoming and ended up staying:>) Our second senior to go within a very short time frame.

Wanted to say all of you. For what you do.

Those pictures are worth a thousand words about the value of seniors - and special needs companions.
They are truly beautiful.


Haha ya she has that expression on her face in 90% of her photos! I couldn't choose which ones were best and sent Jenn about 15 lol.. I'll bring in the camera and show you some of the others, she is quite the poser. I started laughing so hard just now when I saw this posted, because I looked to my right and she is laying EXACTLY the same way, same expression and everything as in this photo.. Pretty comical!

Ann C

Hey Zoe those are terrific photos, I agree with Brenda & Lynne the couch one is hilarious, she is one lucky girl to have found you and looks like she's loving every minute of it. Love the photo of Spot with his buddies that's so cute, another happy ending.


How nice it is to hear happy stories about older animals enjoying their lives. Thanks for the smiles.


you took the words right out of my mouth brenda. omg those are great pics zoe so glad she is with you and looks so happy, and way to go spot you look like you are having the time of your life. so nice to hear from people that have the saints animals and let us know how they are doing.


Omg Zoe; that picture of Sugar on the couch is hilarious. She looks like the epitome of contentment. Look at the expression on her face! Happy Girl!!