Rescue Journal

out of sorts...

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2011

can't sleep...have to get up at 5 am...i am doing the worrying gig sucks big time.
ah well..such is least..this life.

i want to win the is the only way i will ever get a huge chunk of cash and set saints up to run without me. sometimes i can't help it...i just want a chance of a bit of a more normal kind of life.

it's not that i don't love is just i want my own bed and a little bit of comfort and boring peacefulness someday again.
this too shall always does...tonight is just one of those nights i suppose.

it is a good thing i got up to worry a little....molly got her bed fixed up all nice and comfy..gosh she is starting to look so very frail and old. mini -me is coming out of her heat...once she and sweetie are spayed, things around here will be a bit easier i think. cabot is settling pretty well...he is a problem with way too much interest in sweetie right now so he has to be kept separate from her. and fergus has a real knack for annoying tina and a few of the other dogs. he is sweet as they come but he is one of those brainless busy kind of cockers whose constant obsessive ball searching gets on their nerves at bedtime.

i guess i better go see if i can squeeze out a spot to sleep on the bed...they have probably taken over the whole god damn thing while i got up to worry.



Tammy, I don't think she disliked your Copacabana rendition, it's just that she is actually slightly deaf. This could be a blessing when listening to Barry Manilow though.


Blue must look good on her. Everytime I saw Lola in her yellow sweater I thought of Barry Manilow's song Coppacanbana. I tried singing it to her but she had no interest in my singing.
Thanks for giving her a great home. I love it when they get a happy ending.

Ian Mary

Tammy, she is sporting a navy blue sweater right now but I am sure we will find another yellow one for her! What a sweet, loving little gal with lots of attitude. We are trying to convince her to be a Canucks fan instead of a Kings or Ducks supporter! Maybe the 2011 Stanley Cup will convince her to give up her dual citizenship.....


Great to hear about Lola, thanks for the update.
She's my favorite LA dog, love her in the yellow sweater.


yes i can. i will talk to carol about it this weekend and i can help with the cleaning too.


Hey this is a comment for Lynne, Its Renee. I am going to be off June 13th and 14th and we have vet appointments both days would you be able to take the animals there?? Please let me know :)

Carol Ann

Oh yes if we won a lottery saints would sooo benefit and I'm sure that is the same for all of us who love those animals. Isn't dreaming fun.

Ian Mary

For what it's worth if WE win the lottery SAINTS will get a big chunk of it.......
To cheer you up Lola got a clean bill of health today.....lungs sound great! She did try to nip the vet though during her second shot.