Rescue Journal

come play with me...

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2011

it was a gong show today..i had no cell phone (bad mystic!) so the staff had no way to get hold of me (bad mystic!)..we had a sick call that i didn't get cuz i had no cell phone (bad mystic!) and i was trying to call the staff on their cell phones...but no one was answering...(bad staff!)
i finally called tammy to come up and check to see if anyone was even here today cuz i was thinking there wasn't and she told me we were short staffed (cuz she read it on the blog..good tammy!) and she came up here to help (good tammy again!) anyway..ryan, dionne, and tammy and ryan's mom (wow mom! thank you so much!!!) managed to get thru the day. everyone survived and everyone was very happy when i got home tonight.

"come play in our room carol!!!"... "come play with me!!!!"...they are all a little bit nutty with wanting me. first i let the computer/kitchen dogs out in the yard. when they were done i put them all back where they belonged.

"OH NO CAROL!! stay with us here!" "look at how happy we are all to see you, come and hang out with us here!!!"

but i had to go let the other side out so i had to move on. mystic wanted to play tug with the eyeless and earless bunny, jesse wanted a hug, daphne wanted to be carried, angus just wanted my time, cabot and joey and peluchi and al wanted to roll around on the bed with me for awhile. fergus wanted to play ball, mini -me was trying to kill mystic and mystic pretended to try to kill her back. little big bud just kept staring at me from down on the floor til i took pity and lifted His Royal Whale-ness up onto the bed. monkey met his first donkey thru the fence til griffin chased ziggy away. and tina ran around in circles screaming off her foolish head.

daisy and minnie pearle and hootie were yelling in the kitchen for me to come back..."come play with us carol..we are waiting for you!"

sigh...what a bunch of big needy babies..thank god they are settling..(except for daisy)..she is still yelling for you know who!

man! these guys don't like big changes in their routines...mess up the day they expect and chaos ensues.



I've already mentioned that weekdays are not good. Don't worry about it, she will be back in town around the open house.



she would have to come on my lunch break around noon dawn but i really prefer not to meet potential adopters on my lunch breaks when i am days off are better for meet and is too time intensive and there is usually other stuff here i need to deal tomorrow seeing tucker off to his new home...and i only have a short time here before i go back to work. there is no point in anyone else doing it cuz i have to meet and spend time them anyway before the adoption can proceed.
i am off on thursday and could meet with her then?


Hi everyone,
I don't know who will be working at SAINTS tomorrow but I hace a lady wanting to drop off an adoption application and meet some of our dogs. Her name is Christine and she from out of town. Can someone help her during the day either tomorrow or Wednesday. I don't want to send her there unannounced.

If any one can do this please responed here, I will check back.


hah!..ryan didn't have his today and i still don't have dionne's in my cell phone contacts (cuz she doesn't know how to put it in either) so you are all bad staff (altho all of you did call me on the cell phone that mystic ate..i got all three of your messages when i got the phone replaced) anyway...can you put dionne's in tomorrow for me please so if i can't get you or ryan, i can bug her instead???

and not to worry all worked out in the end.


and i told renee to blog if she or ryan could not come up and i had my 4 year old grandson to babysit and never even looked at the blog till the afternoon. sorry renee and carol. i have my grandchild tomorrow and wed but am going to try to get up either thurs or fri. have most thurs and fridayks free from babysitting so will try to get up on those days. mmy daughters work schedule is lessening so am available a bit more.


Oh my goodness carol, I'm sorry!! I left my phone on silent by accident :( I am a bad staff member!!!