Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2011

tonight i was able to correctly read cherry-pit's mind and provide her with meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.
thank god favorite cherry foods come in a fozen box or else i don't know what we'd do!

tucker did go off to his new life far no news but i am assuming that all is well.

past saint trevor is currently not doing well...heidi called me today but when i called back, the phone said to try again later...he is having significant trouble with his hind legs now which is particularly hard on a tripod dog.

also little toni (she was one of the 5 little dogs who came in a couple of years ago from CAC with spot, and buffy) who is out in foster is having a tough time. she blew a cervical disc which for an elderly dog is a serious worry. i talked to the clinic today, and i think the plan is to keep her in for a few days and see if high doses of steriods will help.
all of the newbies are doing ok...daisy, monkey, silver, sweetie, cabot and whoever else is new that i forgot.
new incoming cat coming in on saturday..but i will talk about him later cuz he is one of those long, involved, teaching kind of stories about dealing with cats with chronic cystitis or crystals.

that tumor thing on molly's leg is becoming a just keeps growing and growing and growing. i have to say that she is such a little trooper cuz she just keeps going, and going and going..she ain't letting that monsterous thing get too much in her way, but it is starting to bleed every day now..we are running out of time with her....and i really do love her, this is so going to suck one day soon.

ah well..i am going to watch some tv with the bed buddies knee is hurting me again today.



it's normally there. i must have moved the 2011 file into main folder. i'll fix it when i get home.


hi sheryl not sure what is up with that..i will ask nicole to look into it as soon as she has a chance.


The option to select previous years in the "Our Animals" / "Happy Tails" album seems to be missing. Is it gone or is there a new way to see previous year adoptions? Only 2011 seems to be available.