Rescue Journal

bella...(aka pugsley) has passed away...our deepest condolences to her family and thank you so much for giving her the home of her dreams.

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2011

Hello Carol and Friends,

I am so very sorry to report that we have lost our precious little pug Bella. The last few months have been such a struggle for her, when you add newly developed allergies, to an already blind, deaf senior pug with diabetes and hepatitis, it was just too much for her. We struggled so much with the decision, but we could no longer keep her comfortable and happy despite everything imaginable being done for her.

You are all so much more experienced with this aspect of our precious little friends, but this is the first pug we have ever lost, and it was such a heart wrenching time, that it has taken me weeks to be able to write this, and as I do so, tears are still streaming down my face. We loved her so much, she brought such joy to our lives every moment we had her. I miss her more than words can ever express, and I am so thankful for you all for giving me the opportunity to get to know Bella and love her.

The only thing that I find any solace in, is how peaceful she was afterwards. I know we did the right thing, maybe a few wks later than ideal, but we did the best we could for her and did not want to ever say goodbye.

Thank you again for all that you do, I could never survive if our roles were reversed.

Hugs and blessings Joan and Bella.



Joan, I am so sorry for your loss!! Bella was so lucky to have been adopted and adopted into such a caring and giving home! Take of yourself now!!


I remember the photo you sent after you adopted her. She was a lucky little girl. The pain will lessen but the memories stay forever. Hug the ones around you.


So very sorry for your loss she was a very lucky dog and in time when you think of her , the memories will bring you smiles & comfort . The home you gave her was filled with love & friends , She was a special little pug


I remember when our Pugsley(Bella) got adopted...we were all so excited for her scoring such a great pug home and family....thank you so much and big hugs for your loss.


oh i am so sorry, but how very wonderful when a little dog is loved as much as she was. it is hard not to cry along with you and am so glad she had you for her familly. i do remember her when she was at saints, i think pugs are so very cute and personable. again i am so sorry.


So very sorry for your loss and so very grateful for the wonderful home you gave her. God Bless.


im so sorry for your loss. but im glad you found each other, and happiness together.