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Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2011

little meanie sweetie cracks me up. she is sitting on my lap as i type this. i just told her she is a fake, a fraud, a con artist...she just wagged her little tail and looked shy and scared. i like to clean the goobers out of her eyes..not cuz i like cleaning out dry goobers..but because when i do it she lifts her lips at pisses her off and she just can't hide her real self behind her fake weanie routine, she really hates having her eyes cleaned. this dog is a royal hag..i don't know who she thinks she's fooling with her sweet and innocent act but it sure as shit ain't me...hello? i still have three dogs on antibiotics because of her sharp bitchy teeth.

anyway the reason she cracks me up is..she is the first dog i have had who is a liar. every dog i have ever met have been honest about themselves to the bone..little miss meanie sweetie knows damn well she is not a sweet little dog but she is trying to hide it the best that she can.

one of these days when i am cleaning her eyes, she is going to forget herself and bite me... and HAHA..then the hag will be out of the bag, she will be busted red handed with her teeth in me.

trever however is a very sweet dog...he is also gentle and kind and dumb as a brick. he was throwing a fit when i was trying to get their dinners ready...he was fussing and carrying on so much that i stopped to get him out, just in case he really, really had to go pee that very instant.

i get his front and back crippled dog harnesses on which is hard with him flopping around and as soon as i opened the door to his pen..did he dive for the outside door?

no he did not...he dove right under the karunda bed which apparently was hiding a ball. he has got like 10 balls in his own he has to stare at the one he can't reach and toss a fit til he gets it???

i have a theory about ziggy..he is the quietest donkey i have ever met. i think he has never learned to scream his head off to get what he wants cuz he gets it before he gets around to thinking whatever it is is late.

geez dixie is turning into a prima donna..hey babe! three months ago you looked like shit, a broken down nag and the meat wagon was heading your way! you are not queen of the world can have that crown when you chill out, get nice and settle down.

well...i have a new treatment plan for my knee and is feeling a bit today i am happy.

new cat in...cocoa..long story...sweet cat. maybe i will get around to telling it tomorrow.

oh and...after 2 boring days in a row of macaroni and cheese..the cherry pit hit the jack pot today...she scarfed down an entire piece of boston pizza she is a very happy little pit-ster today.



thanks Laura!!
Trev is a great dog...I am so thankful to Carol and to everyone for looking after him and spending time with him. I miss him so much but I feel better knowing he is getting the confined rest he needs in order to hopefully get better!!


Yes Heidi, I sat on the floor for a bit today with your boy Trevor and he is for sure a sweetheart!!


yep, that sounds like Trev alright..he reminds me of a little boy is so many ways! glad your knee is feeling a bit better!!!


i was talkin to carol ann today about the amazing difference in dixie, i could hear her as she ran around czar and gideon in the bottom field this morn, so i stopped and watched. she was so shiny, so happy, no ribs sticking out. she