Rescue Journal

oh lynne...

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2011

i have put a carrier for yoshi in the rabbit room for you to use on tuesday morning..and there is a carrier in the back cat room hallway for you to use with sweetie tomorrow. when you bring her home..if you put the carrier back there again.....i will remember to pop monty in the carrier on tuesday morning before i leave for work for you..he can be a bit of a bugger.

and james bond looks like he has had a stroke this afternoon...his back end is all wonky. he has just eaten and had a bunch of fluids in...we will see if he is better tomorrow....but he is 20 yrs old so this is not good.



It's ok to have favorites Lynne - we all do - but that doesn't take away from caring about all of them - I give you a hard time about the big dogs, and you give me the same about the little ones, but we look out for all of them in the end. Now, when it comes to rats and moles, you are no help in getting a dead rodent away from any of the dogs!!! lol (In the end, Carol, we did get the dead mole away from them and got rid of it)


The shelter challenge ends in a week and we are currently in second. We need first to bring the money to SAINTS.


thanks carol. i was just thinking, at saints today brenda and i were having a friendly fight over minnie pearl and her obbsesive food fight and wanting ever everything. i stick up for her because i just like the troublemakers. sorry but i do. but than i got to thinking that all these animals are here because either no one wanted them, they are strays or for various reasons they were given up and i think they they all need a lot of love. so i will try not to have favorites anymore at saints i said i will try lol