Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2011

thx so much lynne for the vet runs and helping the guys out here while renee is away camping!!!

monty had more dental surgery today..he is staying in the clinic as he is still in a lot of pain.

yoshi is home from his eye removal surgery today...he is totally messed up in the cone he has to wear for now.

we have what appears to be a mild form of kennel cough going thru..daisy brought it far daisy, cabot, monkey face, mystic, lil big bud, tina, daphne and fergus are affected....i have only put fergus, bud, and cabot on meds..the others cough for a couple of days and then it seems to settle down on its own. but fergus is quite sick, lil big bud i don't want to risk because of his cushings, and cabot is coughing quite a bit. most of the long termers won't get it because it has been here before and they are mostly immune. it is the new ones who are always at risk when it sneaks in. it is not a huge hairy deal and it happens because we frequently take in dogs from other shelters. it is a minor pain in the ass until the ones who are going to get it ..get it...get over it...and then are immune to it too.

to answer the question about sweetie's thyroid..her bloodwork all came back fine..including her thyroid. she is only mean to small the big guys she is quite polite. i am thinking it is JRT bully her mind, it is perfectly ok to be bitchy to someone who can't kick her ass.

well i have a ton of end of the day/bedtime stuff to do so i better kick my ass into moving too.


Barbara T

Good to hear that Sweetie's blood panel came back with good results. My Abby is also good to large dogs yet attackes the small dogs. No she is not a JR but a badly bred Shih Tzu mix that was part of a round up of a dog pack running on a Reseration on the South Island. She had a mamory tumour removed that was 10 percent of her body weight so it is possible that she protected her side from the small dogs before it was removed.