Rescue Journal

vacation day one

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2011

everyone made it thru the first trial shift today..we will see who comes back for more tomorrow. we got some of the extra things done...the windows in and out in the dog rooms, plus the ceiling fans, and we sorted thru some of the linens donated lately out in the shop too...amazing what you can get done in a day with 5 extra pairs of hands.

but i am tired tho...oh well. tomorrow is another work-a-lot day!

the vet came to see pops..yes that foot is a big problem so the plan is to knock pops out on saturday and do a major cutback. this is going to be quite painful so the vet is going to inserrt an iv cathetor so we can give him iv meds to help him with the pain. this is so going to suck.

i am on dixie watch tonight again...she was acting weird at bedtime..she went down for a bit but now she is back up and eating again. i will do dixie watch until she poops so i know she is not colicking again.

2 new unplanned for saints arrived today...yodo and yeti...15 and 13 yr old shitz-heads..their senior dad went into hospital and they had no one to care for them. he has been having difficulty caring for them lately so they need a few medical tune ups as well. they were dropped off tonight by his neighbor who has known them for a long time so at least i have a bit of history on them and thankfully both are VERY nice little dogs.

we are starting to look like shitz-head rescue....there are alot of them running around here right reminds me of that movie "gremlins"...cutie patootie little furries with flat little faces and eyes bugging out of their heads...odd little creatures but sort of adorable too.

i am not in kansas any more dorothy..i am now in shitz-land.



Welcome Yodo and Yeti. You have landed in the best place in the world! Prayers for Pops - hoping that this proceedure is a complete success for him. He has been through so much.


oh carol i have got to give you credit your heart is too too big for the place and space you have. these people are so so lucky that you have taken on their animals. i know that you care and care a lot and we should either have more rescuers like you or more people that are responsible for their animals i know that there are some people that have no where else to turn, i realize this but it is the people that want to unload their animals that make me mad. their responsibility towards their animals ends when it is not convenient to take care of them anymore. this is my take on things, not carols. it sucks that they are disposable and people do not want to be bothered anymore by them. shame on all you who feel this way.