Rescue Journal

pops is doing ok far... better than me!

Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2011

i got the barn put to bed late..i just could not stand the thought of putting any weight on my knee...i finally bit the bullet and just got it done. by the time i hit the mp building for bedtime, i was courting agony..i was impatient and rushed thru it. i almost left trev for the night without getting him out, but in the end i just couldn't not do it but i wasn't very gracious about it. i had no patience for his idiocy while i was trying to get his harnasses on...i called him an oaf..i don't think he cared, when trevor wants something, he doesn't hear anything anyway...he just really wanted and needed out to poop.


while i was putting him back to bed..lucky decided to go out. lucky usually hates going outside but tonight cuz i was hurting, she wanted to go out. you absolutely cannot ever yell at lucky to make her move her butt..she just gets stubborn and ignores you and then takes twice as long to do whatever it is that she wants to do. so there i am sweetly sing-songing to her.."come on lucky honey, it's time to come in.."
...but really i am thinking.... jeezuz freaking christ will you move your goddamn slow-pokey ass and get in here!

luckily lucky is blind so she can't read my body language and know when i am lying.


we had the AGM..and i don't remember most of it cuz i wasn't feeling that great. and the vet came and did pop's foot up..he will be back early next week to trim it up again. he seemed ok at bedtime but i am not sure if the freezing was still in. i will check him once more just before it gets dark to make sure he is still ok.


i should have asked the vet to freeze my knee but i didn't think of it til long does freezing stay in anyway cuz maybe i want to try some????



I really hope Pops will get better and can live pain free! I really like that pony! He sure enjoyed the grooming I gave him yesterday.I emailed Jenn a photo of him and I.


I know that Pops is really old. I just pray that you and the vets can get him to a point where he can enjoy some pain-free time while he is still with you. Breaks my heart because it didn't have to be this way for him.


Thank you!!!! for the pic. of Trev.....I miss him sooo much...and love him sooo much...please get better buddy and be good for Carol....hope you feel better...maybe we should be looking into a cart for you too!! Thanks for everything.


carol i live 5 minutes from you i do not mind coming to help you to do whatever i so could have helped you with the mp animals you have my phone no i am always able to help if you need it. or just blog it i am on your blog probably 10 times a day yes i do not have a life lol seriously i can help out i really am available.