Rescue Journal

a good day

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2011

pops actually tolerated that last foot trim pretty well. i hope he feels tolerably well after the next one on tuesday.

everyone spoiled me and my sore knee today...i spent a hour or so on the bed just sorting thru meds and resting my knee. the barn crew had apples cut up and hay ready to put out for me and laura came up to help me put the barn guys to bed and to get trevor out for a poop. brenda brought me a sandwich and maggie brought me some cookies and homemade soup. this morning i wanted to be euthanized but tonight because of everyones kindness i am feeling pretty i know how pops feels...pain can be dealt with when you are surrounded by such good hearts.

missy went home on a trial today..her new mom is a vet. i am so hoping this all works out for her, she is such a great dog and she deserves a really great home. anyway...all fingers and toes are crossed for missy!

i fell asleep today just after 3..i woke uo with my cell phone ringing and looked at the clock. i was so confused by the deep sleep i was in, i was thinking who the hell is calling me at 530 am! luckily that call came in or laura would have been putting the barn guys to bed all alone!

all of the new guys are doing ok. monkey is still a bit discombobulated but he is struggling bravely thru. the two new boys, yoda and jedi are taking things well in stride. sweetie was half way decent today which makes me happy. the new cats...cocoa, stanley and silver are fitting in well too.

so all in all while there is discomfort here in various places...and there is heartache in a couple of little hearts too...and there is still some uncertainty for those who are new...

we are doing our best to get along here in positive ways...and thank you to all of our volunteers this weekend who came and cared for all of us so very well.


Carol Ann

oh so happy for pops been praying for him and yes we need a lottery win


Honestly that Dog is so great I can't imagine it not working out, really happy for her, and Pops is walking so much better , that also makes me very happy... now if I could just win a lotto or something...


way to go missy hope it works out for you keeping everything crossed lol see you all on thursday