Rescue Journal

hello carol? there are a bunch of shih tsu's sleeping on my bed!

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2011

i am up late trying to push my personal laundry has just backed up and piled up over the past few weeks. the washing machines are always full with more saints laundry waiting and i never seem to be able to get near them.
so tonight cuz the volunteers very kindly took piles of saints laundry home...i am taking advantage and pushing my stuff thru.

i am back and forth to my bedroom with new baskets of clean laundry to fold. on my last trip thru, i did not close the door to the kitchen very well. and there is poor jelly sitting in the middle of the entranceway floor...and three little shitz-heads and one whatever she is daisy dog...are all sound asleep and curled up on her giant big pillow.

jelly me please, they are taking over my room. i called them each by name and not one single one even lifted an eye lid. give me a have only been in here for a minute or two. don't even think to pretend you are all in a deep and can't hear me sleep! despite my calling their bluff, none of them moved..they are all pretending to be so sound asleep in that great big and very soft bed that they simply are not under any obligation to move.
so thx a lot i have to pull 4 obviously content and very comfy dogs from that great bed they just found..or i have to tell jelly..too bad...sleep on the hard cold floor for the night.

right now jelly is happy..she is at my feet in the computer room while i am typing this..and consequently since we are not bugging the bed thieves..they are pretty happy too. but i ain't sitting at the computer all night so jelly is happy to be in here too so at some point those fuzzy and small dogs are freaking well going to have to move.

i don't want to go out to the shop in the middle of the night and find another comfy big pillow bed for the little ones to sleep in tonight!!!!

so here is the 6 am update on this mindless story...(and yes i have gone to bed and slept pretty well, thank you for your concern.)

i did not go out to the shop last night ( hey i keep saying i ain't no saint!) but i did layer a bunch of stuff together to make an almost equally as good of a bed. i carried bambi 1 over first and then went back for little the time i returned for yoda and jedi..bambi had run her tongue slinging, fat walrus ass in there again and was back in jelly's bed. too funny...she made me laugh.

this is one of the reasons why i like living at saints...even after midnight on somedays..these guys are freaking funny.
bambi said the new bed i made sucked...but hah! she is still sound asleep on it this morning!



What a sweet big head dog Jelly is. She will share her bed but don't be messing with her food!!


This gave a great laugh at the end. Gotta love dogs that know what they want!