Rescue Journal

we lost bibi today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2011

yesterday renee noticed he was falling far more frequently than usual. today he was unable to rise or walk at all unless we used a sling to hold him up and help him to mobilize.

we took him down to the vets and they xrayed...his arthritis in his joints was really bad. the joints were all filled with fluid and by then he was crying with pain.

the issue was that we have been maintaining his comfort and his mobility for almost a year on the highest doses of tramadol, elavil, and NSAIDS...there was no room left to go further. if he was in this bad shape with what he was getting, there was not much more we could do.

the vet said he could come home for a day or two and if he rested he might not hurt so badly. but there are 2 big buts to this...bibi HATED being stuck really upset him and he kept trying to get up and move. and the second was...he was not going to get better...even if we got him to rest, his pain was within a few days going to get worse..just from the enforced immobility....arthritic joints HAVE to move. bibi was 15 years old..he has already survived and overcome his last major life trauma..we were not prepared to make him suffer thru another one if he wasn't going to eventually feel good.

the clinic kept him well sedated until renee and i could get down there to be with him as he passed. bibi's story in the book was "lost and found" we let him go before he felt lost again.

we love you bibi, rest in peace, you were a very good friend and a very beautiful boy.

Beautiful Bibi

Bibi with his cool lion cut

Bibi was a great dog.


Bateau H. worries Carol I understand what you mean by overwhelmed... :( Thank you for everything you have done for Bi-Bi my whole family thanks you.

My Bi-Bi ain't hurting nomore.....

- Bateau H.


i am so sorry for your heartbreak bateau and that you did not get to see him one last time. i should have called you but there have been so many losses this week one after another, i just was overwhelmed by it all.

Bateau H.

I was excited and looking forward to going to SAINTS open-house. Also to visit my pal of 12 years, couldn't sleep the night before, woke up Sunday morning got my SLR camera ready to take some new pictures of my furry pal Bi-Bi. Once I arrive to SAINTS I was quite anxious and immediately asked when the next tour was. "In 8mins" One of the volunteers answered. Walking through the tour and finally got inside Carol's house, my eyes constantly searching and looking out for Bi-Bi and nowhere to be found. By this time the pet allergies were starting to kick in, teary eyes and sneezing, just wanted to hang in there a bit more and can't wait to see Bi-Bi. I then walked ahead of the tour group so that I can get out of the house to get some fresh air and anxiously asked a volunteer "Hi I'm just wondering where Bi-Bi is?" "Oh she past away just last week" the volunteer replied. I was frozen, speechless, heart was pounding I was hoping I didn't hear what I just heard. I then went to seek for Carol just to confirmed what happened, sadly it was true. I was unable to continue with the tour. I miss Bi-Bi very much so sad that I came one week too late to see him one last time.

However I am happy that Bi-Bi was able to spend his last days at SAINTS in care of amazing Carol and her team at SAINTS. You all do outstanding work for these animals and I am so thankful that Bi-Bi was able to spend his last days at a place I call Heaven on Earth for Pets.

Once again thank you Carol and your team at SAINTS

R.I.P. Bi-Bi
July 15, 1997 - June 21, 2011

- Bateau H.


Rest in peace, Bibi. I love you and will miss you. Thank you for your unconditional love.


I honestly did not think Bibi was going to make the adjustment to SAINTS and I remember when it started to happen & you could see he was actually enjoying himself. We will miss you Bibi .


It was a tough go for Bibi when he first arrived at Saints but once he found his solid ground again he sure loved his time and we all loved him too. I am sure he will be laying around and blocking the entrance to the other side:) will miss you B


So sorry to hear of your loss. Not sure how you and your devoted crew can bear all the losses :( I guess having given them the care and love they need when they need it SO bad is enough. But still, has to hurt. I'm sorry.


it is truly amazing how he was when he came to saints and how he was when he left saints. he really truly did adjust well and was a real sweetheart. i will miss him a lot he a lovey, rest in peace bibi,be free now.


Bernard hated not being able to get up either - he never wanted our help and tried so hard to get himself up on his own which he couldn't. I can understand why you made this decision for Bibi. I don't know the dogs to well at SAINTS as I'm not a volunteer. But some the dogs I meet at SAINTS just sit with me and Bibi was one of them.

Carol Ann

oh beautiful bibi he was my harolds good friend. I loved that dog. but i hated it when he couldn't get up cause it would stress him out so much. Rest in Peace big guy you will be missed. I gotta go tell harold now and hug him lots.

Ann C

Oh Bibi you were such a love, you will be missed so much, sweet dreams and lots of hugs, I'm so sad.