Rescue Journal

one coin...two sides.

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2011

there are things here that i love about saints...the soft, quiet moments of gentleness that i every day get to share. then there are the same kind moments i witness as a passerby between the animals and the staff and volunteers...and.... even those more special moments that i see between the animals themselves.

it is easy just to get wrapped up in the hard work, the never ending mess, the absolute chaos, the hassles, the headaches...the hopelessness of living on the constant edge. it is easy to feel defeated, depleted, shell shocked from the constant demands.

when i get to see our past saints who occasionally come for a visit...i can so clearly see why we do what we do..because hope will always float until it finally sinks. for the ones like bibi who never do find a real home, it is humbling to be awarded their trust and conviction that it is really ok, saints is a good enough home for them even on their very last day.

but there lurks a deeper and darker sadness then just the inevitable and natural passings of our elderly and disabled two way loves. it is the ones who cross over before this is home, before they feel safe and wrapped in love....before their upside down worlds turn right side up again.

and that is the saddest of all endings.

the only consolation i can find in the unexpected and sudden loss of he is free. no more pain, no more trauma, no more uncertainty.

rest in peace monkey, i am so sorry you died unhappy.

Hey he looks pretty happy to me (Jenn) here.



Here here!!! These animals are loved and RESPECTED at Saints. You are doing an amazing job. Look at that face in the picture and tell me that is not happiness! What a grin! Good job! He was given love, respect and dignity. Just like you give all the wee beasties in your care!


Amen to what everyone else said.. Monkey Face spent the last days of his life loved and cared for. Lucky Monkey Face Dog....

Marla In Sd

SAINTS may not have been "home" yet, but at least Monkey Face passed where he had gentle, loving, if not completely familiar, arms holding him close when his pain and suffering at last came to an end. Whether he was "home" yet or not, what he WASN'T is in some sterile, tiny, dark cage with someone doing what has to be done when there's no one to care for the old, injured, or unwanted. I have faith that Monkey Face that, while it was a new love, he was still wrapped in love. His Guardian Angel was watching over him and making sure he was in the right place for him at that particular point in his life. OK. 'nough tears!


i wish there was a 'like' button to click on sometimes (facebook reference)... Bunny - great comment!

Bunny Horne

Carol, REALLY - "saints is a good enough home for them even on their very last day". SAINTS is an AMAZING place. For many of these animals this is the best home they may have ever had. We humans should have as good a home as what SAINTS offers. I suspect there are critters that think of saints as their "forever home". Where else would someone take the time to figure out if they want toast for dinner, pizza, a special concoction of this and that to make their tummies happy? Where else would someone stay up half the night to go and check poop to make sure their animal buddy is okay? I've said it before and I say it again, these animals while temporary residents have the best of life. They get the very best medical care, they are never alone, they are adored by YOU, staff and volunteers alike, there is always someone to love them, to talk to them, to play with or they can just go and curl up on Jelly's puffy bed for some alone time. They are treated like royalty until it is their time to go to a forever home or simply to pass on. For some a forever home would not be a GREAT as the life they have at Saints.


Jenn is right. He looks very happy! In his last days he knew humans were there for him. Whether he adjusted or not doesn't negate that he landed at a place where he was important. He had to have known that.


he was a senior stray from the burnaby spca. bad teeth and cataracts, no one claimed and no one was jumping up to adopt him so they contact SAINTS and out he came. he came out in the beginning of june.


i can not remember how monkeyface came to be at saints. can you run it by me again. thanks.