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i saw part 2 posted on brindle..jenn found part one for me. i really was moved by this story.

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2011

part 1

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OOOPS posted the video that has no dialogue.

Try this one instead


There is another lovely story I remember from the elephant sanctuary about Tarra and a dog called Bella.

Here it is


These elephants are amazing creatures and some very lucky ones like Shirley spend their days at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I have followed along with them since 2003 when Tina the elephant from the Vancouver Game Farm was lucky enough to be sent there...sadly she passed in 2004 but was able to experience some freedom and herd friends again before she left.

Mauro Salles

More here ==>


just to add to this video...jenny and shirley stayed best friends for many years. when jenny died, shirley went into the woods and stayed there for 2 days without eating or drinking, mourning her lost friend.
shirley still lives at the sanctuary, she is their oldest elephant right now...she has several other friends to spend her days with...but i bet she still sometimes misses jenny.


What a beautiful story. Kinda reminds me of the loving haven that you provide at SAINTS.


I was in high school when the circus ship caught fire and I remember the elephants walking by the school. This happened in Yarmouth Nova Scotia.


I'm a total mess after watching. Humans, in our arrogance, dismiss animals as not having any emotion. I wish this was mandatory watching in every school.