Rescue Journal

just a quickie on the open house: day 1

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2011

everyone is gone now,,,jenn just left. we laid on the bed and watched a movie with the bed buddies and enjoyed the relative peace. it took the dogs quite a while to settle down, it was a busy and exciting day,,,but eventually they all settled and slept.
i think i was told we had 120 folks thru which wasn't too bad considering the poor weather...but those 120 left just over $2000 in donations kind and so very generous of them all and so life saving for the animals here.

but i am beat..and in pain. oh well a hot bath, a hot chocolate and baileys and i am off to bed...i have been up and on my feet since house days are tough on this old body.

only one minor emergency today...marvin was rushed down to the vets because his poor mouth started bleeding again. tammy took him down and picked him up after he had some IM antibiotics and a steriod injection so i hope he will feel better within a couple of days.

i have to say we had a great group of visitors thru and i think they all enjoyed today.

tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better so we are expecting an even busier day.

thank you so much to all of our volunteers..the place looked great and all of you did a really great job in spotlighting saints and our animals today. we are blessed that you care for us so well..we have the best volunteers in the whole entire world!!!!

oh and nicole..i am so sorry to report that you lovely platter was smashed to was entirely the doing of minnie-pearl...she jumped up on the counter to eat the left over bread and broke your platter into many pieces...bad, bad minnie pearl!



I was given some it's ok...just use it!! Yep....trev is vocal...and bossy...he has me trained pretty well...but I'm so happy to have my bud back...Thanks again...I will never be able to thank you enough for helping him out...Glad the weekend was a success...


it is so quiet here without trev...yay! and yes he is the first i have booted out..sweet dog but man he complains!
and also yes it is half of the 75 mg twice a day!
i think his tramadol is still here tho? i thought i caught a glimpse of his bottle on the microwave but forgot to actually look close to see!

Elaine Erickson

I had my first opportunity to view saints this past week when we were in Mission and we stopped in for a visit with Fergus.This place is nothing short of heaven Im sure and all the people that work there are true angels.I wished I lived closer so that I could volunteer.Keep up the good work folks and I can hardly wait to visit again.(I"ll try not to cry so much next time lol).God bless you all.

Alix D

I'm so glad that my mom and I were able to come today. I had read a lot about SAINTS but had never had the chance to visit. Carol, you and your group of dedicated volunteers and staff run an impressive operation! The animals are so well cared for and loved.

And the 1000 Saints project is a great idea - I'm sure it'll be successful.

Alix and Joan


I kept forgeting to tell everyone that I will be about half hour late sorry. I will be running in at about 11:30.

I had a great day! Met great people on my tours today, can't wait to get back at it tomorrow.


just wanted to say I am sorry everyone for your losses of such great animals...sad...hope everyone is doing ok.

Trev is doing awesome...quiet and still...hardly a peep out of him(he is sleeping a lot..guess kicking up a hugh fuss tired him out)....ha...just had to get that in...for kicking us out of Trev the first and only one you've booted?? lol I am so happy to have him back and I do really appreciate you and everyone looking after him!! I know it wasn't easy. I was really hoping that confined rest would bring back more mobility...I can still hope but I think what we got is as good as it is going to get...sigh...

Nicole...please email me with how to measure Trev for the quad chair. Carol should have my email. it half of the 75mg amitriptyline tab twice a day?

good to see everyone...saints looks awesome everyone!!!!

I saw the two white hores neck over neck grooming each other...beautiful...


yes it was a great open house and i got to spend about half an hour with teya and joey glued to my sides in the big dog area i have never had the time to do that and it was incredible. angelina came through with a group of people and teya jumped down to go to see her but when they had all gone teya quickly ran back and jumped up to me. i did not realize that that teya was such a love bug. the whole day was just a lot of joy hope tomorrow is just as great. it is so incredible to spend this time with all of the saints. it feels so good to be a part of their lives and i feel blessed i can share in their happiness. i think that i can say that all the volunteers feel the same way that i do. thank god that there are people that care.

Brenda S

Thanks to SAINTS for a wonderful and informative day. Dawn, you were a terrific tour guide. It was very heart-warming to see how well all the animals are cared for and loved. Hope the weather tomorrow brings more visitors and even more donations! You all certainly deserve it for all your hard work and commitment!
Brenda and Mike

Nicole N

LOL... I think Minnie Pearl was just getting me back for trying to keep her stationary for even 1 minute. Tell Minnie Pearl not to worry and that I hope she enjoyed her little nibble :-)

Great day. Loved spending the extra time with all the barn animals.

Sandra Bocarac

Congrats on a great open house! My first visit there with my family and I must say we are overwhelmed with the facilities, and your committment to this cause. I hope the animals enjoy the doggy beds, especially the heated one for old bones. This is obviously your calling and place in life, but please know that many of us regard you as a SAINT for your dedication and sacrifice for this amazing cause! (and all the volunteers!) I look forward to many more opportunities to do our part to help.

Carol Ann

That is very good indeed but I'm sure everyone can see that the animals at saints are loved and cared for. (even the sometimes grumpy ones) We love them all!


The best part of today for me was having time to just hang out with the dogs and cats in the house - sitting on the couch and cuddling with them in between tours. Ann and I agreed that we don't get much time to do this usually - always busy cleaning! Anyway, it was a long day, but a good one. Oh, and giving Lynne a hard time was fun too!! Looking forward to tomorrow.