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open hearts

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2011

i have learned that loss is carried forward year after year. suddenly a memory hits along with a deep yearning to just be with more time....just that one last perfect moment to share once again everything that is missed. tyra died a year ago...and so many others before her and since.

and life does go on....more moments of sadness and more moments of happiness...more losses of old friends..more meeting of new. we each have our time live, to suffer, to grow, to learn, to laugh and to love...we have our time to be whatever it is that we can become.

today is the open house when we share both the living and the ones who have passed with our community. we share their stories, and we share the realities of our senior and special needs animals who live here today and yesterday. and it is a celebration of that life here now or one that has passed...because all of their lives have and had value..yesterday, today and tomorrow.

dixie had an exciting day yesterday...stef came to try working with her for a while...she lunged her and gave her her first taste of rider and saddle. this was a new experience for her and for me because up until now our horses had only one forever be free. but dixie is too young to just be hanging out with not much too do. she still needs some work and challenge in her life and we all think she did really good.


pops however was beyond upset. he booted it over to the riding ring in three seconds flat. he was not happy to see dixie in a saddle with humans mucking around and when we continued to ignore his concern..he decided to start screaming his head off for gideon and czar to come help. poor pops...he may be old and crippled but he still loudly advocates for his friends and according to pops...dixie is not to be ridden.

deep at saints is such a conflict at times...laughter, tears and moments of pure awe...and moments of them driving us a little bit nuts or pissing us off.

i want to thank everyone who helped us get ready for the open house today...this is the day when we share with the rest of the world what saints is...what saints does...we share who we are.

we are the animals that all of us love and care for.



Great to see Dixie getting some mind stimulation and exercise! Beautiful gal.


A friend of mine used to board 2 of her horses in Abbotsford.One horse took a major liking to her 1 gelding.She started to call him "Queens bitch" because that was the name of the other horse who was in love with him. I think Dixie is "Pops bitch"!


I hope the open house was a success! Dixie looks amazing under saddle! She definitly has potential! I agree with Suzanne.I think Pops is going to amaze us and heal up well :)

colleen b

I'm thinking of you all and missing you lots today. You will all be so great and will open the eyes of lots of visitors I'm sure. Wish I could be there to swish around a magical pee mop!