Rescue Journal

all i can say about the last two days is wow

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2011

first and foremost...the saints animals are totally amazing..they cast their spells of pure hearted goodness outwards to everyone they meet.

and then there are our volunteers who donate their hands, their hearts and their souls to the animals who live here.

and finally to the public who is so appreciative and generous in helping us care for them.

my favorite moments...meanie sweetie curled up on the couch so close and comfortable with one of our special volunteers..the little child who carried tina so gently and lovingly and wanted to take her home with her. saying good bye to sidney and hootie as they FINALLY found their home TOGETHER...and saying goodbye to sir walter cabot as he went off to his new home...i really adored that old dog.
there may be a couple of other adoptions coming from the folks who met our special ones today.

oh and guess who won the maui bowie raffle???...ashley's grandma won it today! i told ashley she can't go with her grandma..she just got back from her last holiday and we missed her so she can't go again!

but as always it wasn't all great stuff today...fergus had a seizure. but he did recover quite well.

and apparently we have a new cat...and an expensive one. she was attacked by a dog this morning (not one of our dogs!) over in the school yard and was quite badly hurt. we took her down to the vets..she has some puncture wounds, is in shock and probably has a head trauma/ her bloodwork is back and not too bad,,her xrays showed her lungs are ok and no obvious fractures. but she is bleeding out of her nose so she is staying in on IV's for now. she has no tattoo or microchip and she is de-clawed (poor baby) defence against an aggressive dog. we have named her "cash" cuz she is probably eating up a good chunk of the donations we received today...which by the way was another $ truly thank you every one so much, at least we can pay her vet bill tomorrow (she is at a balance due upon discharge vet..not one of our regular ones) when she comes home!!!! was a great two days here..and we did save another one even tho i said we are full (funny how that works..just bring a bleeding and injured animal here and there goes the NO MORE ANIMALS for now rule!)

but ALL of us...volunteer and animal..are totally and completely bagged...we will all sleep well tonight i bet.

(and shhh..the best part of today? i got to see annabelle..and yes she is still the very cutest baby in the whole wide world!!!)



Hootie and Sydney's new momma is wonderful! Too funny I didn't know it was her while giving the tour, talking like an idiot about them and their stories while she politely listened and nodded when she already knew all about them! Haha. I'll miss them but they're going to such a good home I'll get over it. I actually have Percy "hiccis" all over my arms... I miss that cow I'm gunna start hanging out with him when I'm done in the house.


I am sad, but glad that you all miss Sid and Hootie because that means they made an impact in your lives. They are already making an impact on mine. They are so loved already, and they are doing really great! I will give a detailed update in a week or two, and will be up this weekend to see all the awesome volunteers with some donations I have collected.

Carol Ann

ditto all that brenda I love hootie and sydney too I wish them all the best and i hope they are treasured. Sounds like Annabelle takes after grandma Carol. Alison I wish I could have witnessed that, percy is so funny.


I was very happy to be part of the 2 day Open House this weekend - lots of special moments. But I do want to admit that as much as I was thrilled with Hootie and Sydney going to a new home, I was selfishly sad too. They have brought me many smiles over the past months with all their antics, while I'm cleaning in the house, and I hope they bring many more smiles to their new owner. Good luck little ones, I will always remember you with joy! - (and I hope Squirt was finally able to come out of hiding. I'm sure he'll be happy to have the house back to normal after all the tours thru his sanctuary in the kitchen.)


i wish i could have been there. :-( i'd been looking forward to it for ages.


We had a great time today at the open house! It was so nice meeting all the animals :) I too experienced percy's kisses/licks. He's such a beautiful and gentle giant.

Hope to be back soon..


I had a great time today!

Note to self for next year:

Wear higher SPF sunscreen & don't let Percy demonstrate to every tour I bring through that I am his personal salt lick. The skin on my arms that is not sunburnt is missing a few layers from his gigantic tongue :)

Angela H

Well I have to agree Annabelle is the cutest baby in the world! :) she had lots of fun visiting her grandma today and seeing all the different animals. And the animal that got the most squeals of delight from her was frodo! She just loves cats.


I wished I could've been to the open houses this weekend.I will be there this saturday though!


Ditto everything carol said..especially about Annabelle, what an absolute doll, she should be in movies or something.

Huge yea for those special people who will provide a loving home for a SAINT !!