Diana one of the SAINTS weekend warriors is also a volunteer for another wonderful rescue called the Alaskan malamute HELP League and they need our help!

Jenn  ·  Jun. 26, 2011

This last round of the Pepsi Refresh is ending on June 30. The Alaskan malamute HELP League is in 4th and needs to be in 3rd to get any money.

We really need every vote we can get and would so much appreciate any help.

It is so easy to vote – go to the link, sign up then log on daily to vote. You are allowed to vote for up to 10 projects per day.

In addition to Malamute rescue, some other great local animal rescues that could also really use your vote are:

RAPS (Richmond shelter 'pets and partners' for low cost spays and neuters) – currently #3 in the $25k category (2 winners)

Wascally Wabbits – currently #5 in the $5k category (4 winners)

World Parrot Refuge (also housing 600 UVic rabbits) – currently #5 in the $25k category (2 winners).

Angels Animal Rescue Society (for a dogtown) - BC Interior - (going from 1st to 2nd daily in $100k category, only one winner)

LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) - currently in 3rd in the $100k category

Thanks so much for your support.

Diana Koller

Alaskan Malamute HELP League - please vote from May 1 to June 30, 2011
Please vote daily to help us win the funds to rescue Alaskan malamutes in Canada


Carol Ann

2 votes here every day for all of those Just wish they could all move up a little it is frustrating

Bunny Horne

Voted for all of the societies mentioned. Gotta vote for anything wabbity with a name like Bunny. Good luck, Diana - I will vote every day.


Ditto. I'm voting for most of those. And also the Fraser Valley Humane Society in Mission who are drowning in cats and desperately in need of funds. They are in the $25000 category in the challenge - currently in 8th place.


i tried voting for angels rescue when asked by coworkers and found it difficult.the screen continues to freeze(yet not on any other sites) and i havnt got a clue whether my vote was accepted.i tried signing in...also not sure i was successful.????


please email me if you can help out on friday I did send out an email to volunteers:


i feel really shitty about this but i am going away on the long weekend from fri to sunday i do not usually do this but i am taking my grandkids to a family reunion in the interior i told carol i would be there on fri so feel really bad about this. help. anyone else that can come in on the long weekend please blog. so sorry carol this morning these plans had not materialized.