Rescue Journal

can't sleep...sooooo...

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2011

animal updates!

daisy is home from her massive combo extractions, spay, mammary tumor/bladder stone removals..she is doing ok.

cash is still needing syringe feeding...she possibly looked a tiny bit less freaked out tonight.

i think tina is reggie's little sister...i can tell by her voice.

mini-me is still stuck in a cone cuz she won't leave her sutures alone.

merry's skin is an absolute mess...she is currently on 5 different types of meds and i see no improvement at all.

meanie sweetie is doing ok in the house but only cuz she is not let anywhere near any little dogs.

mystic i swear is the sweetest babe in the world.

shane might be pissing on things a little bit less than he was.

mini-pearl is honestly a weird and odd dog..she has a voracious appetite this past week that worries me a little...(sometimes i see cancer dogs going nutz over food, anyway..i am watching her.)

yoda, jedi, stanley and cocoa have settled in well.

the cherry pit was pissed at suppertime, she wanted pizza instead of shepherds pie.

jack is happy to be back in the office...he does not want to live with dusty cuz she is a hag.

i have not seen the barn guys since sunday night cuz i am trying to rest and ice my knee and sore feet.

morgan is sleeping in the computer room tonight. she is spending more and more time in here lately.

missy is having trouble in her new adoptive home...apparently she is sufferring from big time separation anxiety. as far as i know, this wasn't a problem in her foster home.

i had a quick chat with cabot's new home...he is doing quite well so far. the only concern was he drank quite a bit in the first 24 hours but it has settled down now...probably stress.

and the big news is....

angus went home with carol anne and dionne tonight...and i say YAY for everybody!!!!

when a beloved friend passes away, they leave an empty hole...there is another waiting to be a beloved friend desperately wanting to help fill that empty hole.



way to go carol anne. angus is a sweet dog and i am glad you took him home.

Carol Ann

Thank you for letting Angus come to live with us. He IS a sweet gentle boy. Everyone is fine with him except Harold is sulking a little bit but he will get over it. Eli likes having company while he eats and having Dionne bring him home after work was a good idea --she fell for him by the time they got home all of 15 minutes lol. He is helping heal the hole in my heart.

Ann C

Great news for Angus, Carol Anne & Dionne! But Carol Anne will you please stop taking the little white dogs when I've just figured out their names, ha! ha!