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Happy Tail Update from Tucker's dad

Jenn  ·  Jun. 29, 2011

Hi Carol I thought you may enjoy a Tucker update. He manages the stairs perfectly. That task took him 2 days. He has mapped out the full house and the back yard. We walk 45 minutes a day 2 – 3 times a day and we still haven’t met a dog or human he doesn’t like. We are into week #3 of obedience training and he is showing me (again) that the dumb part of the leash is what’s holding the high end. Today we were in the back woods and even though he cannot see his 20 foot leash was at it’s fullest as he explored everything from the trail in front of him to the deepest bush and hay we could find. And yes he is a typical dog, the trails had ankle deep (for me) mud and Tucker loved rolling in it and getting as dirty as one could get. We then went to the seaside where he gets in chest deep water to both clean up and to be with the other dogs and to have a ball.

Shaw TV’s ‘The animal show’ was at Kendall’s pool and Tucker was part of the filing. It comes on Shaw this Sat at 6:30 and should be on their website around the same time. This week some Vet assistant trainees are at K9H2O and along with a donkey, mini horse and a couple of other dogs Tucker has been requested to show up.

I have attached 3 recent photos. One has Tucker meeting my 14 month old great niece. The other is Kendall escorting him into the pool and there is one of him taken last week at Lighthouse Park here on the North Shore.

Our vet checked him over from stem to stern and pronounces him happy and very healthy. His vet records from Hill ‘n Dale was a total of 2 or 3 pages regarding his eye surgery. He was already chipped. And last Friday we booked our weekend in Tofino which includes a seaside cabin. Then in September we are off to Osoyoos. I don’t know who feels luckier, Tucker or me.

He is just the coolest dog currently walking the face of the earth and my wife and I couldn’t be happier.

Hope things are well with you


PS’ I am still looking for answer to why people ask us the same thing. “Oh, your dog has no eyes.” “Is he blind?”




PS’ I am still looking for answer to why people ask us the same thing. “Oh, your dog has no eyes.” “Is he blind?” hahahaa this is too funny. Tucker won the doggie lottery for sure.


This is the best story ever. Tucker was my sponsored dog and I was so smitten with his photo and I fell in love instantly. As soon as he was adopted I was so very happy. It looks like he lives here on the North Shore. I really hope to run into him over here some day. He stole my heart from a distance and I would love to meet him in person. It sounds like he won the dog lottery!


wow what a happy story so so glad for the whole family. why cant we have more people like you guys on this earth. way to go tucker. too funny about your last comment.

Nicole N

I too have tears of happiness for this wonderful update. Amazing people, amazing dog... A match made in heaven indeed. And I agree, the p.s. is priceless!!!


I am so happy to hear that Tucker is workning out with his new family. He truly was a great dog and it sounds as if his new life will be filled with new adventures all the time.

Ann C

Ditto the above comments, this story is an inspiration for everyone of us, you can feel the love. The p.s. is priceless!

Carol Ann

This brought tears of joy to my eyes. They love him so much. FANTASTIC What wonderful people and a truly amazing dog. A perfect match.


I LOVE this update. I can feel the happiness! Such wonderful times ahead for all.