Rescue Journal

jack is seizuring again

Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2011

it took more than an hour for the valium to knock the seizure right out, but he is resting now..still semi-awake but definitely sedated, less anxious, more comfortable. i thought for a few very long seconds that he had died. he just wasn't settling and he was in an odd and awkward position...part on his chest, part on his side with his spine twisted. i finally lifted him onto his other side and was then able to lay him flat with his head up on a folded blanket...he took a deep shuddering breath and then stopped breathing completely.

i had enough time to panic.... oh shit, i killed him with the valium...or i killed him by repositioning..or i did or did not do some fucking thing that just killed him and was frozen in shocked disbelief...
and then he started breathing again and blinked his bleary eyes at me....jeezus jack! don't do that to me.

anyway...a second massive seizure in 24 hours is not good. if he seizures again tonight i will take him into emergency.....the vet only gave me one dose of valium so we are hooped if he starts again. hopefully this dose was enough and he will fall deep asleep..and stay that way til morning when hopefully cedar grove will be open on canada day and they can see him.

scary shit ALWAYS happens on a long weekend.

1230 update...i just gave him a drink and turned and changed him...he is incontinent right now and he still cannot stand or use his legs. with yesterdays seizure he was back up with a sling support within 2 hours...and that was with 2 doses of valium. we are already 3 hours post seizure and only one dose of meds and even his front legs are useless. i have only left him for a few minutes here and there so i know so far he has not seizured again but i am getting worried by his continued deficits. if he is not on his feet by morning, it is really not good.
come on jack...sleep off the seizure and wake up and get up in the morning like you always do.

6am update he just finished another seizure, this one did not last as long. but he still can't get up or move more than his head on his own. i don't want to move him right now while he is settling, if he gets himself worked up and more anxious, he will just trigger more seizure activity.

if one of the mission saints volunteers is awake and able to come here early, i could use some help getting him into the van and keeping him calm on the way to langley emergency when he is ready...maybe by 7 am?
i think we will be euthanizing.

call me on the cell if able.
tammy is coming so we are ok.



aw come on jack we do not want to lose you. our thoughts are with you. love you big guy. keep hanging on