Rescue Journal

jack was euthanized at 8 am this morning.

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2011

he was such a very sweet dog..patient and kind and gentle. rest in peace jack you will be sorely missed by many.





Thank you Carol and everyone for kind words and for being there for Jack on these month and 3 weeks, and before we had him. I read the email this morning at 10am and since then I can't stop crying. My husband doesn't know yet and I don't have the courage to tell him by email. I hope to be able to talk with him today.
We love him so much and not being there with him on his last moments makes it even harder.
Thank you Laura for saying few words about Jack on the video. I am keep playing it and playing it and look at his eyes.
I just wish I would have been there with him.
Rest in peace our wonderful boy and friend and please forgive us if we caused you any pain.
We love you and you will always be in our hearts.


i sent an email off to his previous adoptive family but have not heard back..they may be away for the long weekend...i know they will be devastated by jack's death.


Jack was a great dog. I loved how he "snappy" talked with you when he was being pet. He would look at you with those beautiful blue eyes and it would just make you melt. When Jack first came in it was always nice to take him to the upper field and find that last patch of snow in the shade. He would lay it and I would just put handfuls of snow on his head, and he absolutley loved it!! We were always wondering how we could get Jack some snow, now I am hoping that Jack is now playing and running free in the snow. You will be missed Jack Man.


Yes Diana Jack did love the snow at Saints, you would always see him out there just rolling away loving it so! Jack you were such a sweet boy but with the most beautiful eyes that showed your soft soul. Also a BIG HUG to Jacks family... sorry for your loss...I know you loved him so much...thank you for giving him a great home these past 2 yrs.

Carol Ann

aww Jack you were loved and will be missed. So sorry Carol --it has been a hard month.


we will miss ol Man Jack very much, he was a grand dog who had lots of hearts loving him. Go softly good dog


So sorry. I met him for the first time when he came back and he was such a sweet soul. Of course, I have a soft spot for the northern breeds and I can imagine how beautiful he would have been in his prime running out in the snowy fields.