Rescue Journal

occasionally i get death paranoid (gee i wonder why?)

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2011

my headache is finally going...too little sleep, too much stress last night and this morning. io did get the barn guys to bed smoothly,,they were all so very good tonight!
i have to go out and get some insulin for wilma for tomorrow and fruit for the barn (holy garbage crap...there were only very slim and not very nice pickings for their dinners tonight...we all say...left overs suck!!) i promised for breakfast everything would be sweet and fresh and offered my profound apologies for what was skimpily served tonight.

but man...i don't want to go out..i want to go to bed...i have decided that the bed is my very best friend!

for all that frodo is an occasional jerkoid he is my beloved jerkoid...when i am out and about on the property, he is my constant shadow. that cat wants me. he wants me to be with him, to sit and snuggle with him and he is not shy about telling me so either. while i was putting the hay out for the barn guys frodo was running back and forth across the mp building roof...he was calling my name and trying to keep eye contact so i would hurry up and spend some time with him. in the 12 years that we have been together..he has never been a needy cat. and suddenly at however old he is 16?17?18?19?..he is becoming a velcro emotional magnet?
don't you dare be gearing up to leave freaking well stay right gawd dam here.



Elaine Erickson

R.I.P Jack so sorry for another loss guys but at least they go wrapped in love u gals and guys are phenominal.