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he lives his name so well....

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2011

i don't think i have ever met a creature so destructive, so into himself, and sometimes.... so utterly foul... as conan the barbarian cat. to me he is an icon of absolute barbarism...completely uncivilized with no social graces at all.
he is not feral or a wild cat, he just has this spirit of doing whatever the hell he wants to do and screw what the rest of the world thinks about it...he really does not care.

and i don't know why i like him so must be his complete honestly. he will rip the shit out of something or spray the computer moniter right in front of me. he doesn't even look away to not see me watching whatever bad thing he does. and it is not like he is challenging me either, he doesn't purposefully make eye contact to stare me down while he wrecks something either.

he is so natural...he is conan the barbarian and this is just what he does.

what is really a shame here is this cat will never get a good home. no one else is going to embrace and appreciate and be in awe of a black and fuzzy trollcat.
i find myself watching him, and anticipating the next ugly house wrecking thing that he does...for some reason i admire his dedication to gross and is an integral part of him.

conan is a nice cat....maybe not in the traditional sense, but he is a nice cat in his own uncivilized way....once in a while he hooks me with his claws as i try to pass...that is conan's way of saying hi and noticing me.
and folding things from the dryer usually ends up into a tug of war and a swat or a scratch. but he is not being mean here...he just likes to play in a sort of hard way with a drop of my blood here and there.
most of the time he is not bugging me...he is usually unobtrusively wandering about doing his own kind of destructor thing, and he is getting old now so he naps quite a bit.

he is an odd cat...and he makes me weird too because i think he is pretty damn down and dirty and totally cool.
shoot me in the head conan..but i really do like you.

Conan the Barbarian



Hey does Conan try to get the dogs in trouble by barking and blaming it on them?


I had to smile reading this. My cat Beau is a himalayn siamese and is wild and crazy as it gets. My couch is in shreds, every door frame is destroyed, my older cat Felix makes huge detours around him as he knows about "love" bites, he begs for temptation treats nonstop and will swat me as I walk by to ask for more, wakes me up at 3 a.m. caterwauling, chases shadows and stares at the walls (I am sure he sees spirits) When he lived with my daughter, he climbed bare drywall and left claw marks right to the ceiling so often it required patches and new paint. Guess who got to adopt him? But I love him and his crazy personality. Right now he is sound asleep, curled up in his lambs wool lined basket, dreaming of mischief I am sure. Wouldn't trade him for anything :)