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Happy Tails Update: Sydney and Hootie

Jenn  ·  Jul. 3, 2011

Hi guys,

Wanted to let you know how the two babies are settling in at their new home! They are doing so well, they both are so affectionate and quick learners. They learned how to use the pet stairs to the bed after only a couple of tries. (Of course they sleep on the bed, they didn't give me a choice!)


Sid is especially sweet and cuddly. He loves to be held like a baby, tucking his head under my chin. Sucky Sidney is not too fond of walks yet, he wants mommy to carry him and he closes his eyes as we're walking!


Hootie has a lot more confidence and she is great on a leash. She seems to mother Sid a bit too. But her favourite thing in the whole world is - FOOD! The little Hoover is always begging and sniffing around the kitchen lol.

They just went to the "spa" and are all ready for summer and mommy is spoiling them a little bit! They are really such great dogs, I am so happy the three of us found each other.





Haha that's awesome.

So glad these two ended up in such a great home! They deserve it... previous things that fell through, everything happens for a reason!

I'm away this weekend so I'll see everyone the next. Oh and Carol it looks like we CAN take our car across, just a little more difficult... but it will be worth it Sugar will have so much fun coming along. I didn't want her to think I left her! Her insulin should be okay on ice for the 2-3 hour drive?


Ashley you did a fine job with their coats I thought. I just had them shaved down for summer. And I really do know my dog's name, its SYDney not Sidney; I must have been daydreaming about Sidney Crosby again lol


we should be there and we really need the money so hopefully we are...try S.A.I.N.T.S.

i just voted sharon so we are there.


Hi! I don't see saints name on the Animal Rescue site challenge that starts today. Maybe I typed the name wrong. Please advise if you're in it. Thx


Missed seeing them on the weekend, but so glad they found a forever home together. Such little characters and I know you will have fun with them.


Yay they found a home together! Yah Sid was becoming a barn dog and loved every minute of it! Happy they have a home :)


Yay from me too! Those little sweethearts look happy - I love the pictures.

Carol Ann

Yay for Hootie & Sydney. I miss those two but I am so happy they finally got everything they deserve. They were always so affectionate. Thank you for giving them a good home.


so happy for sidney and hootie, but so sad for brianne and jack. i just got back from in the interior with grandkids. had to check the blog and feel for jacks family. he was a very loved boy and yes we will all miss him.he was not back for long but again wormed his way into our hearts. big hugs to you dorina


I love it Tara!! Great to see those 2 owning the world...well at least your home. Thanks for the pictures, we who love the crippled crew so appreciate the news..keep in touch.


I miss those two.... But I'm so happy they have an awesome home together. They deserve it!! Hootie looks so much better with a professional haircut compared to my bad shave jobs ;)


so happy they found such a wonderful home together they are such fun dogs!


How wonderful to see them happy in their new home & having their own very special person to wait on them. Sidney was just starting to hang out at the barn & I admit I miss him..however Jeda & Yoda have become true barn buddies & hang there all day ...waiting for time in the Memorial Garden .

Thanks for the update & hope to keep hearing all about their antics


Thank you Tara!

They waited a long time for you to come to them but I'm sure it was worth that wait.