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Take Me Home Tuesday: Sweetie Pie

Jenn  ·  Jul. 5, 2011

The video in post had to be fixed and reposted please see:

Sweetie is a 8-10 year old JRT, recently spayed. She is a lovely dog that loves people and gets along great with cats and large dogs but has a serious hate on for small dogs. She is also scared of house cleaning. She is looking for a home that understands that JRTs are intelligent and sensitive dogs and will treasure and love her for all the rest of her days.


Video redone and reposted

TO ADOPT Sweetie please email:

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can’t adopt? thats ok but how about becoming a saints sponsor by joining the 1000 saints movement and with your support we can keep helping animals that have no where else to go.

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So, I am either moving back to New Zealand to view Sweetie's video or waiting for version 2.0. I'm thinking I'll wait.


ha so here is the info: it is available in the US but not Canada haha.

Copyright Info: Sweetie Pie
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Entity: WMG, EMI Publishing, UMG, EMI, and EMI Content Type: Sound Recording
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No action is required on your part. Your video is still available in the locations listed above.

What can I do about my video's status?
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oh well I will still pick a new song when I get home from work so that us Canadians can watch it.


wow mom you are correct on all accounts I am impressed. Everything carol said was true. This is only the 2nd time a song I choose was not allowed by Youtube. Most of the songs are allowed for noncommercial vidoes of Youtube they post a link to the artist's itunes to purchase the song and they also put up an ad on the bottom so I think they may pay some very small royalties to the artist for every time the video is watched. so when I get home tonight I will have to redo the video and try another song. Sorry guys check back tonight and it should be posted hmmmmm what song to pick now ... well I have all day to think about it.

Carol Ann

Gosh I love that dog and she would be at my home if she didn't dislike small dogs so much. I cuddle her every chance I get when I am at saints. Some lucky person will take her home. She is adorable.


I wish i could have another dog! Sweetie would fit right into my house, and i love bad little JRTs. :( why do cities have limits on the number of dogs in a house hold. Sorry Sweetie...


when jenn posts to utube...utube automatically blocks any videos with copywrite infringements....many songs you are allowed to use small parts of but not the whole is good advertising for the recording artists and utube automatically gives full credit to the artist.. some songs you can't use any parts of, the copywrite is more strict and encompasses all of the song. i suspect utube originally accepted whatever song she chose because it was ok for use in the US but was then discovered to not be ok in canada, hence the block. it is a pain cuz now she will have to re-do with a different song.


why is the video blocked it says it contains content from umg.what does that mean.