Rescue Journal

quick update on merry

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2011

cuz i gotta leave for work..this vacation is over.

bottom line...

she has tested positive for demodex...YAY!!!
we have scraped her before and gotten negative results but i was really thinking lately it just had to be demodex and thank goodness it was.

it is a long treatment..i bet for merry because it is so life long term...that like the chi's..buddy and will be years before she is finally clear... if ever.... BUT...

it is treatable and if not is at least manageable and soon merry is going to feel SO MUCH BETTER!

thank you so much ashley..the timing on this was perfect..the mites were there to finally be seen and diagnosed and merry has already started her treatment.

there are some other possible issues...cardiac and liver that showed up on the xrays and exam..and we are waiting on the bloodwork results for more info.
but merry will not continue to be tortured by unrelenting and untreatable undiagnosed itchiness so i am pretty damn happy.
yay for ashley and guilford animal hospital for helping merry with this!



Oh, that's such great news about Merry. I hope she feels better really soon. Poor wee thing with all that unrelenting itchiness.
What is demodex?

Carol Ann

Great news, thanks Ashley and if you are there sunday i will bring eli for a face trim ok?

Ann C

That's such good news,thanks for the update Carol and thank you Ashley - get better soon little Merry, thinking of you.