Rescue Journal

yoshi has been euthanized.

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2011

his bloodwork came back late this afternoon...his liver was toast. it could have been hepatitis or an underlying cancer but whatever it was, it wasn't good and i decided not to put him thru a bunch of diagnostics and treatments when he felt pretty terrible and it was unlikely to get any better for him.
i had to go out on an emergency visit to see a client so dave and isabelle waited at the clinic for me after was a very peaceful and gentle death, he slipped away with a soft sigh.

yoshi was old...i have no idea how old..but my guess would be at least 16 and maybe even older than that. he was totally blind, he was completely deaf and his quality of life since his last eye surgery removal a few months ago hasn't been as good as i had hoped it would be.

he was a very old and very frail little sweet dog who couldn't hear or see anything....i loved him.

rest in peace yoshi-mon, you will be so greatly missed.



elaine erickson

Oh Carol another loss another little bite out of your heart but they know how much they are loved before they go and the love they feel everyday is so important.R.I.P little man wait at the rainbow bridge for Doris hopefullt she will be a while buddy


The last one to leave , must have left the door open a crack & the energy pull is still occurring. Hey Yoshi Mon, can you please close the door behind you..we have lost too many this time round & the human heart needs time to recover.

You were a great little dog Yoshi & I bet you are already bombing around checking everything out.


Awe little man....I always said on tours you and Doris were our little old married couple who had their private will be missed over your Doris as I am sure she will miss you too.


RIP sweet dog.

He reminds me SO much of my aged, nearly blind shih tzu X.:( He will be getting extra cuddles tonight.

Carol Ann

aww Yoshi is at peace now. I hope doris is ok without him. RIP little guy.


So sorry for the loss of Yoshi. He is in a better place where he is young, can see and hear again. God bless those he has left behind.

Mauro Salles

I'm so, so sorry!!! Holy shit!!! What's going on????
:( :( :( :( :( :(


oh so sorry carol he was not in the spotlight for many as he was not in the house but he will be very much missed by everyone. he was just a sweet little dog who caused no problems for anyone. rip sweetheart .