Rescue Journal

no one died today...yet.

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2011

so that is good.

granny is not feeling so great lately...she is eating but has been parked under the chair for too many days. i am thinking that oliver is the my plan tomorrow is to shut granny in and see if she is out a bit more. if she is..oliver will probably get moved over to the house where the cats are more likely to not take his crap....too bad if oliver hates it over here.

the sheep finally got sheared..caroline had a hard time..she has quite a few nicks and cuts. i am thinking old sheep have more loose and fragile skin than do the younger ones...anyway..they will heal quickly and she will be more comfortable without all that wool if the hot weather ever gets here and actually stays.

my funny for the day had nothing to do with me...i was out working at my other job. but shelley is here tonight and tomorrow to shoot some film for our fundraiser video so she was wandering around here video taping on her own. when i got home from work tonight, she was just heading off to bed. she stopped me in the driveway and proceeded to tell me that earlier she thought i had stupid neighbors cuz their car alarm kept going on and off..over and over again.

it wasn't til she went back in the house and suddenly found her chewed on car keys on the floor that she realized that it was HER car alarm going on and off..over and over again cuz mystic was munching away on her brand new toy.
hah!..mystic baffled shelley earlier in the day...she is my sweet and tricky puffy car key thieving-babe!


Nicole N

I'm telling ya... Mystic is the wrong name for that little cutie pie. Mischief is MUCH better... ;-)

Cathie k

Carol, Off topic do you know why the comments from the Gala page won't allow me accessibility.It throws me off site. C