Rescue Journal

good morn'in

Carol  ·  Jul. 10, 2011

minnie pearl has recovered from her spinal episode yesterday that scared the crap out of everyone. angelina had to carry her up from the lower pasture but within an hour pearl was back up on her feet. the problems are A..minnie pearls spine is literally fused end to end with profound arthritic disease...and B...she is a moronic manaic who somehow has still not clued in yet that jumping dogs, leaping up for food, digging holes to china in a high continued frenzy.... all send her into spasms of paralysed pain. when it happens, suddenly she remembers...big ooops....again!
sigh...she is a dear doorknob dog and her eyes speak volumes of deep regret when she makes a frequent mistake.

i told her she better be day her spasm may not go away!

that hag big bambi was out in the cat run screaming her head off when i got home last night. way to go to bug the neighbors bambi!...i had to limp in high speed in the house to get her to shut up and close the dog door.

note to all staff and volunteers...make sure all windows and dog doors are closed when they get shut in..the barking isn't muffled or contained at all if the doors and windows are left open and i am not here to make them shut up...shutting them in only works for noise control when they are alone if everything is actually closed.

granny was out and happier in her pen last night...hah oliver you are freaking well busted! and now i am looking at possible solutions for you and your bulliness...permanent confinement of the hitler cat or tossing you over into the house where your bully butt will probably get kicked by a few seriously tougher cats.
the fruit loops and conan the barbarian and monty enjoy helping bully cats see the other side of the bullying perspective....they think a good fight is sort of fun.
sigh..there is always someone tougher and meaner around somewhere...i don't know why bully's have a hard time figuring this out. i think the craving for universal power makes pretty much anyone stupid til they finally figure it out.

here is how it goes...i spit on throw a rock at me..i whack you back with a bat, you shoot an arrow into me, i grab a knife, you cock your gun and i send a nuclear warhead your way...poof you and a big chunk of the world is gone....

but hey...i won.

ok...obviously my mind is going south here...time to get dressed and do some work before i leave for work today.



Hey carol, I'm not feeling very good today so I wont be coming in, I don't have my phone today so can you let me know if that's ok on here? Thanks


I'm laughing about the prospect of Oliver's up-coming tutorial(s) on manners and kindness!
And his potential tutors all look like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths! What a hoot!
Sometimes these little life lessons need to be learned no matter what is required for them to actually sink in.


Your bully comment reminds me of some of the bully dogs at the dog daycare I used to work at.Some would get put in their "Place"by the ones who would show them what being a bully really! They never got hurt but they would yelp like they were saying "Ok!Ok I give up!I'm sorry it won't happen again!" The other dog(s)would look at them like "Your damn right it won't happen again!Because if I catch you doing that I again....I'll get you again!" Lol!