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Take Me Home Tuesday: Stan the oh so gentleman

Jenn  ·  Jul. 12, 2011


Stanley is a young 2-3 year stray that was taken in by a vet clinic. But when he tested positive for FIV it made finding him a home difficult as most people misunderstand FIV. It is NOT like FeLV. FIV cats can live long full lives and if kept inside are at no risk of passing it on to any neighbourhood cats. In fact at saints they are in general population as our cats do not fight and you need a big fight with a deep bite wounds for even the chance of it being contracted by another cat. Stanley is a very friendly, sweet and calm. Not to mention handsome too.

Stanley is a true gentleman cat, he is a lover not a fighter. He gets along great with other cats and loves people.

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to adopt Stan please email:



okay so there will be carol ann her 2 daughters, me and my daughter laura tammy and ko so i guess we have a table for 8. sheila if you read this we will all get together for the money but please put aside a table. thanks.

Carol Ann

Lynne my other daughter will go to gala also so that is three for me.