Rescue Journal

today sucked

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2011

i am missing fergus who is in at the vets. he will be having surgery tomorrow to remove his right eye. unfortunately early this morning, one of the dogs clipped him with their tooth in the eye (i think it was probably jesse because jesse gets really irritated with fergus when he is goofing around after his ball.)
the vet said if fergus's eye was a normal healthy eye, it could have been sutured to heal but fergus has had long term eye problems that required daily meds so because of the chronic damage the risk of it not healing well was big.

i get that fergie is totally annoying when he is obsessed with his ball, banging into and climbing over the other dogs to reach his freaking ball...and i get that jesse wasn't trying to kill him...he just wanted fergus to piss off. i just feel really bad that fergus was hurt..he is such a simple and innocent dog...not very bright but utterly sweet....and totally clueless as to the warning signals he is being sent from a fairly intolerant dog.

i do have to say tho that fergie handled the trauma quite well (i swear he did not even know his eye was injured at all)...he was still playing with that god damn ball in the back seat of my car, all the way into maple ridge to the vets...until he finally lost it under the seat. then he spent the rest of the trip trying to find it again. i dug it out when we got there and i gave his ball to the staff and told them if he starts barking or fussing, it means he lost his ball and they then have to find it for him and give it back so he is happy again.

poor fergie..i miss that innocent goof and his freaking ball..i hope he is doing ok.
and jesse i am pretty pissed at you ...i am thinking of sending you back to the office where no one will irritate you cuz you will be over there all alone again.

damn dogs.


Elaine Erickson

OMG my poor little man.He sooooo loves his ball and yes he is ball obsessed and nothing or no-one matters as long as he has his ball.But your right he is tough he hates the cone he ussualy skids it along the floor.I hope he will be okay please keep me informed if you wouldnt mind I was him Mom in the okanogan when his real Mom couldnt be there for him.I know you guys are real busy but if someone could drop me a line I would love it.


ohhh... fergus. you poor old man. hope all goes well for ya, you're a tough old bird, i hope you can find your ball with one eye! and i am sure you will enjoy the lovely cone i am sure you will be wearing after your surgery... its hard to play ball in a cone. good luck little buddy