Rescue Journal

does it or doesn't it?

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2011

mystic found my slipper hiding spot....current slipper score...mystic 4...carol 0.

it sucks to be slipperless.

i woke up this morning with a cold sore....haven't had one in years. but today on my lunchbreak i am meeting a vancouver sun reporter so of course i woke up with a swollen lip.

too little in the slipper department...too much personal lip...i am so not feeling cheerful this morning. not even the 14 day weather forecast of a fair amount of rain is cheering me up as much as it should.

with the recent losses of so many of our ancient and frail dogs, the morning incontince clean ups are way down....2 puddles, one poop was all that stood between me and the kettle this morning which for here is pretty good.

so lets list the pro's and cons of today...less pee, more lip, no slippers, some rain....but there is still fergus to feel shitty about too.

that clinches sucks wins.


Bunny Horne

Hey, Y'all, SAINTS is still in 2nd place in the Shelter Challenge, don't forget to vote....and every day if possible. Wonder if they have a SLIPPER CHALLENGE that we can start voting for too.


good thoughts are with you fergus, you are so totally a funny little guy and very sweet. hope you day goes better carol and cold sores suck.


I sometimes use a pinch of salt to put on a cold sore.Stings a little but it works.


Lysine will help with your cold sore you can find it at London Drugs. Also apply silver and ice the area the virus retreats when cold.