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thinking about jesse out loud.

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2011

the vancouver sun interview went well..both the reporter and the photographer seemed to like what we do. i had to skip out to go back to work so renee finished the interview. i have no idea when or if it will run or how big a piece it will be...quite frankly i forgot to ask but i am assuming that if it makes it into the paper at some point, someone will send me a heads up and let me know it is there. (hint, hint!)
my favorite moment was while i was doing the walk thru tour...spying dionne lifting big rocks so the chickens could rush in and eat worms. yes apparently we even lift rocks for our guys that are too heavy for them to get under on their own....too funny the lengths we go to so even our chickens feel good....but i did feel sort of sorry for the poor little worms!

i talked to the vet before fergus's surgery regarding the treatment plan. he will stay in on IV antibiotics and pain meds probably until tomorrow at the end of the day and can hopefully feel well enough to come home then.

i caught jesse snarling over top of griffins head while griffin was eating out of the big dog room food bowl. he got into big trouble and went to sulk on the couch but i am thinking that he is becoming a big problem. it could be simple aging that's making him so freaking irritable...he is 14 or 15 now which is pretty old for a big dog and while he has always been a bit tricky with the bigger dogs, the little ones he stayed far away from. not sure why that is changing now. in any case, i do think it is time that he left the house...we can't watch him every second of every day and i have to be able to have at least some trust in his behavior which i don't have with him right now.

the problem of course is while jess is becoming a more royal pain in the ass than usual...i do really care about him and his happiness. he is not going to like being isolated over in the office..we have done it before and he manages to make us feel so shitty, that we let him back over here.

oh well..not much choice here now...i need to bite the bullet, stay tough and boot him does always come first....and i know he has been causing some problems out at the barn on the weekends too so i will have to look at that as well...he may need a muzzle, he may need to have his barn time cut, and those restrictions may cause him a great deal of unhappiness which will mean i have to look at his quality of life as a result of his curtailments too.

ripples in the pond and rescue still sucks...thx a lot jess for being such an ass and messing everything up....way to go.



Hmmmm You know lately there have been a few additions to the crew that *helps* clean the barn, and the additions are little guys. It sort of started with Theya, but she gave up after a couple week-ends, then Sydney decided to hang and that lasted a few weekends until Syd & Hootie hit the jack-pot and got a home and the last few week-ends Jed & Yoda have been doing a *great job helping* ... perhaps the barn was like his escape or reprieve from all the little guys..and now it's not.


off the topic when i said we had 8 people for the fundraiser for a table i did not contact ko myself. laura had said that she would most likely be coming with her so i assumed, which i should not have that we would all get a table together. laura had said we could all go together on a table so sorry ko if you dont want to thats okay. if you still do thats great but do not feel obligated.

Ian and Mary

hopefully you can find an arrangement so Jesse can be happy but not be a danger to any other animals.....