Rescue Journal

from the dog's perspective...

Carol  ·  Jul. 15, 2011

mystic and andy...

mystic and andy are let out to pee..they run over to the fence to see jesse.

"jesse! jesse! why are you over there???"

jesse looks sad but gives them a half hearted tail wag...

"i don't know why i am here but i want to be over there.

mystic said..."here's my teddy, you can chew on him if you want." and drops her teddy in front of jess but on the wrong side of the fence.
andy sticks his nose thru the fence and gives jesse a little lick of encouragement, "i miss you jesse, you are my very best friend."

jess is glad to see his friends, but it makes him feel sad that they are not together... and he has no idea why either.

whatever happened between him and fergie happened a couple of days ago..jesse doesn't even remember it...and neither does fergie.
fergie is thinking about the big yellow ball...jesse is thinking about not liking where he is and feeling sad..and mystic and andy are just bewildered and confused and a little concerned that there is a fence between them and their friend.

ahhh dogs..they can bring you great joy, they can break your hearts and piss you off...but geez thru it all..they are fascinating simple and yet so heartrending complex.

i have thought of a compromise..once everyone is ready for bed at night and all of the doors in and out and the gates to and fro are closed...jesse can come back in the house to sleep in the dog room because fergus and all of the little hyperactive freaks who piss jesse off will be safely closed and gated in my bedroom.
it is the best i can do.



doris moved over to the house to join the shitz-head crew in the kitchen...emotionally she is a pretty stoic and insular little dog...she is currently sleeping on the big pillow bed with three of them. she is however having a bit of flare with her skin which is bugging her a bit. i ilike having her over here..more one on one contact for me and she doesn't actually care where she was yoshi who preferred the quieter mp building..doris just settled right back into the house.

pops is doing ok...that foot still is pushed forward and not straightening out. but he is out in the upper field everyday for a few hours and he is coping well with his disabilities and yes you are are right...he really is relishing not only the company but getting to spend his day a tiny bit more normally. he is such a patient and kind and very wise little horse.


I'm off the topic of Jessie, but how is Doris doing now that Yoshi is gone? Does she have another companion, and how are Pops feet coming along. I noticed at the open house that he sure seemed to enjoy having company all around.


i saw jesse this morning and he looked so forlorn i felt really bad for him. i hate it that i like the ones that have attitude. maybe mo is right maybe that was his fun time out at the barn with not so many little doggies around. actually thinking on it i do not hate it that i like the ones who have attitude i feel that they have attitude as something in their past has caused that therefor they have a right to it make sense no i did not think so. lol see you all tomorrow.


I may be a little late hopefully there are no tours, I asked Diana to cover but she is away this weekend. So if any one shows they will have to wait unless someone else wants to start it...


I agree.Sure was nice of Mystic to try and share her toy with Jesse too :)