Rescue Journal

first night

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2011

smokey and ewok picked their safe sleeping spot last night....and i have to say, it is kind of inconvenient. they stayed away from my bed (tiny terrorist tina screaming at fergus over the edge of the bed made them nervous...that little beast needs to have her vocal cords removed!) so they picked a nice quiet spot next to the dog room gate.

i tried to explain that the sheet on the floor was for the other dogs to pee on if they needed and ewok and smokey could sleep on one of the raised beds off the floor but they thought the still dry pee pad was good.
the doorknobs who live in my room are not like squirt and shame (who pee where ever they want including on dogs in their way) the bedroom doorknobs avoid peeing on other dogs so at least smokey and ewok were safe.

anyway..i suppose i will de-junk that corner by the gate today so they can have a bed out of the way but the other guys can still have a pad to pee is all about compromising one need against another.

ok gotta go, duty calls..shelley is here already with her god damn freaking camera!



hurry up and get home jenn we need pics lots of them i am missing not seeing your wonderful shots.


they sure are sweet dogs and very cure. they are going to be great barn buddies. sunday morning were out there for a long time sniffing and running around then they came back in and carol made them their very own bed which they curled up on together. am so glad they have each other and the other dogs dont mind having them around. welcome smokey and ewok.