Rescue Journal

my favorite day

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2011

it was a good day. ewok and smokey hung out at the barn for most of the morning and then headed back all on their own to their inconveniently placed bed. we did manage to oust them to clear that corner out to give them more room and got a couple of things down on the floor for the beginnings of a comfortable bed. but they got back in there before the final thick quilt went down so i am waiting for them to move on their own so i can finish their bed.
ewok's side is right next to the food and water bowls so she lays there and every few minutes picks out one single piece of kibble to eat....too cute. smokey is still quite solomn and serious while he watches things but at least they both found a spot that they feel is theirs and is safe. they have both already learned to eat off a spoon so feeding them treats of canned food at med times will help them to feel good.

everyone is pretty tired today..phoebe came in and headed straight for bed...i so love the quiet here that descends about 30 minutes after everyone leaves for the day....ahhh..if no one shows up unexpectedly..all should stay peaceful til i start getting ready to put the barn guys to bed.

i am trying to decide between a hot bath and a nap...if i am lucky i might be able to squeeze in both. i have got my personal laundry on the go so at least i will have clean clothes for this coming work week. sunday afternoons are so great for piddling around quietly and just doing inconsequential, not earth shattering, simple home-body is my favorite day of the week.



Hey Carol

You are always offering to swap me... about we get Ewok and Smokey and you can have Oliver and Raleigh

I was being nice I didn't offer up Screech.

Bunny Horne

Ewok and Smokey are absolutely beautiful dogs. They were totally amenable to any attention. If I owned a house I would take them both home in a heart beat. And Mini's new hair cut is absolutely adorable, although I really do love her rag mop look. I am glad they are settling in. I saw Mystic run off with KOs water jug not 5 seconds after laying it down, but Mystic was kind enough to return it to KO once she was bored with the water jug. It was a nice day to work in the barnyard today - all the Saints seemed pretty content.