Animal Updates

Nurse Dolittle! haha love it

Jenn  ·  Jul. 18, 2011

Great Vancouver Sun article!


Thank you to Kim Pemberton for a great write up and to Ric Ernest great photos!!!



Again with Carol and animals LOL Captain Kangaroo indeed! Good there arent a lot of themm kicking around but may I highly recommend emus. Great article and pics Carol.


looking at the pictures, i just realized....the older i get the more i look like captain kangaroo..honestly what the heck is with that???

Bunny Horne

Carol and Jenn, I will make sure to include this article in the Special Events kit materials and will ensure to have it on hand at Saturday's market event in Burnaby. Carol I hope you are feeling better.

colleen b

I love how she pointed out that Phoebe is adopted :) great article!


off topic. Just watched Mythbusters. Flys vs. a bag of water. The myth was busted. It does not work, I think you could take down the bags of water if you so wish.

Bunny Horne

totally awesome Carol - you are awesome, photos are awesome, the SAINTS - each and every one are AWESOME