Rescue Journal

shitty night.

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2011

i spent the night in was the responsible thing to do. i had crippling chest pain that didn't go away and i was afraid the staff might come in to work this morning and find my dead body...that would have sucked.
anyway..the pain did go away shortly after i arrived but i still had to wait for the diagnostics to say i wasn't having a cardiac event. don't know what it was but it is nice to know that my heart is fine. i guess i will call in sick for work this morning tho since i haven't had any sleep...i have to say that hanging out in emerg all night, did seem a little too much like work to me....except i wasn't getting paid to be there.

this is the one downside to living the middle of the night, you are alone and that makes somethings (like chest pain) a bit more scary.

the animals survived my abandonment but the bed buddies are a bit pissed. apparently i am not to fly out of here in the night and leave them without my company.
i almost had a real heart attack when the cab brought me home...$20 for a 10 minute ride in small town mission??? holy shit man, when did cab fares get so expensive???

oh well... i better call in for work and head off to bed....i am ok but bagged and the bed buddies are patiently waiting.


elaine erickson

I think we need to get Carol a holiday.Seriously I think we need to send Carol on a mini vacation (I"m sure she wouldnt go anywhere very long and leave all her babies).Anyone interested in a save Carol mini vacation I think we need to take up collections.


Did you know the Vancouver Sun has the article today? I just saw it online


A "panic help button" around Carole's neck is no good, it would be a Mystic play thing to chew on. Anyhow, glad it was a false alarm and you are ok, well at least as good as you were before this episode.


Carol if you ever need help like that again you can call me and I'll be there in a few minutes. Anytime.


Maybe we should get you one of those panic help buttons that you wear around your neck........Help Ive Fallen and I can't get up.... :0.....;).....glad your OK....;)


Good God.. you'll give me a heart attack. I think we should start a Yoga/Meditation class in the MG on nice days ( oh yea we may have to wait until spring of 2012 for those days )

Nicole N

Happy to hear you are ok Carol. Get some rest and let those bed buddies take care of you for the day.


Oh! Carol that must have been frightening. Glad to hear you are OK. And yes cab fares are outrageous in and out of the city :o


It must have been very scarey to go in by yourself but glad you got checked out. Take care.


How Scary!!! Glad you are ok !! Hope you are able to get some rest today :)